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Interior partition with your own hands: from one room to another

Very often people have to deal with the problem of how to make two from one room. In this case, an easy way is to divide the room with a partition.

Fast and easy

You can make it with your own hands. This method is not only fast, but also affordable. The only question is, what material to choose? The interior partitions by their own hands can be made of:

  • Stone;
  • Wood;
  • Glass.


What form will the partition separating your room be? With your hands, you can make it in the form of a frame structure or a screen. The frame form of the partition is done with the help of glazing beads and wooden piles based on plywood. Then it is decorated: tighten with a self-adhesive film, drape with a beautiful cloth, paste wallpaper or photos.

Once an indispensable attribute of the room or piece of furniture was considered a screen. Until now, this kind of septum delivers aesthetic pleasure, gives the whole interior elegance and aristocratism.

Popular types

What will your interroom partition look like? With your own hands, you can make the following types:

  • Sliding;
  • Stationary;
  • With a bend;
  • In the form of an accordion.

The stationary structure is made of aluminum (veneered), laminated web, as well as semi-transparent material.

Constructions with a bend (or radius) look unusually spectacular, but to make their own, requires a design skill.

The most optimal option is a septum-accordion. It is difficult not to pay attention to it. To create sliding interior partitions with your own hands, means to make the interior original and stylish.

What is better to choose from the material?

The most difficult material for a partitioning structure is brick or stone. Of stone materials, it is better to choose a foam block, which is on a glutinous mixture. This will ensure excellent sound insulation and heat. In addition, the foam block is easy to install and has a flat surface.


If the room is dark, then it should be used for the construction of glass blocks, which are of the following types:

  • Glossy;
  • Colorless;
  • Colored;
  • With decorative texture;
  • With matted texture.

Of course, not without a new and recognized universal material - gypsum board, as well as gypsum fiber.

I removed and transferred

People who like to periodically change the details of the interior, you should choose a variant of rail and non-threshold construction. Then it is recommended that the inner partition itself be made on the basis of a wooden or metal frame. This kind of construction, if desired, is easily dismantled, transferred to another location and installed without any special difficulties.

Gas, but not poisonous!

To ensure that your design does not look boring, the interior partition with your own hands can be made of special glass, which is filled with gas. He then disappears, then appears again in the form of a light haze. By the way, do not forget about remote control: it can be made to order. Successful experiments!

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