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Many diseases are successfully treated in sanatoriums and hospitals, medical centers and oncological dispensaries, if the combination of physiotherapy with medicinal products is combined. Often patients can hear the term "EHF-therapy". What does this mean? Extremely high frequency therapy is the use of electromagnetic waves in medical practice. The range of this type of radiation is millimetric. Their penetrating ability in human tissue is extremely low (up to 0.6 mm). They also differ in spatial heterogeneity. Special so-called waveguides collect these millimeter waves into bundles that act on the site of the body to be treated locally.

Developments of this type of treatment began in the 1980s, but studies on this issue were conducted earlier under the leadership of N. Devyatkov. EHF-diapozone helps to synchronize all cells of the body and makes their work more harmonious and productive, the process of recovery begins.

What is EHF-therapy

It is known that the radiation of a person healthy and weakened by the disease is different. The therapeutic effect of extremely high-frequency therapy looks like this: radiation affects the structure of the skin, activate nerve fibers that show tonic activity. Due to the modulation of the activity of these pulses, the skin-visceral reflexes become noticeably more active.

As a result of the local impact of millimeter waves on the painful parts of the body, the reflexogenic and active points, the activity of the nervous and endocrine systems begins to change. EHF helps to adjust the body and, as it were, imposes a healthy wave.

Application in practice

EHF-therapy has secretory, immunocorrecting and neurostimulating effects in practice. Apparatus of the corresponding sample is available in many health resorts and in physiotherapeutic rooms. To improve the health of patients, wave generators such as "Yav 1-5", "Electronics KVCH-101" and others are used.

This technique reveals the disease even at early stages of development, therefore not only is a supplement to medicines, but also perfectly replaces them. It also helps to avoid serious consequences.

How does EHF affect cells?

Throughout life in the human body, all the time the cells exchange information. It is transmitted through blood vessels, nerve impulses and electromagnetic radiation.

EHF-therapy "understands" the language of cells and helps them to work more harmoniously. After all, any disease is a violation of their well-coordinated activity. Together with this, the normalization process is activated, and the body recovers.

Millimeter waves in EHF are non-ionizing radiation. How does it affect the cells? If the action is of the energy type, then the oscillations have a noticeably greater power, which warms the tissues. With information character, the waves are transformed in the human body, and thus information is transmitted.

Indications for use

Who recommends EHF-therapy? Indication for the use of this physiotherapeutic method is a disease (chronic or subacute nature) of the nervous system. Among them, neuralgia and neuritis. In addition, this includes diseases of the chronic type of internal organs of a person: ischemic heart disease, stomach or duodenal ulcer, which are in acute stage, angina. Also EHF is indicated for skin diseases such as hair loss, psoriasis, scleroderma, with erosion of the cervix and fractures of bones of consolidated type.

You especially need this therapy if your body does not tolerate weather changes, is sensitive to magnetic storms. Thanks to therapy, the acclimatization process passes more easily and imperceptibly. If you have a difficult disease and it does not give in to medication, try EHF. This therapy restores the body's defenses.

Very high-frequency therapy treats sinusitis, rhinitis, laryngitis, pharyngitis, tonsillitis, bronchial diseases, trachea, pancreatitis, non-infectious hepatitis, cholecystitis, dyskinesia, gastritis, enuresis, diseases of the genitourinary system and thyroid gland, diabetes mellitus.


Who does not recommend EHF-therapy? Contraindications to the implementation of this physiotherapeutic method: purulent and inflammatory diseases in the period of exacerbation, neurodermatitis, bronchial asthma, vegetalgia and hyperthyroidism.

Treatment of diseases of the heart and blood vessels

Quite a wide popularity received electromagnetic oscillations, which involves EHF-therapy. Patients' feedback shows that with this type of treatment, pain decreases and there is no need to use different medications.

The effect that appears during treatment is normalizing and restoring. Most often, with diseases of the cardiovascular system, EHF is used in conjunction with traditional drugs for the treatment of myocardial infarction in the acute stage and angina.

Why is this therapy so effective for this group of diseases? The fact is that throughout the world, mortality from vascular and cardiac diseases occupies a leading place. Drugs often have a short-term effect and cause allergies, so you have to look for alternative techniques. Such therapy has a beneficial effect on blood clotting, which is effective in hypertension.

Radiation of this range protects against free radicals, the condition of arteriolar walls and venules improves, because it is the deterioration of these indices that causes heart attacks and strokes, and the risk of insidious atherosclerosis also decreases. Since the 1980s, a wealth of experience has accumulated on the successful use of EHF in practice. Even with the most severe angina after the use of EHF-therapy, the condition improves in 80% of patients. And the use of combined methods of treatment now massively reduces the mortality from cardiovascular diseases.

Basic Techniques

Methods of EHF-therapy: water saturation with millimeter waves (baths, washing), writing the radiating spectrum from drugs to water or sugar. With the method of blood purification, the radiator alternately affects the vessels and arteries. This is also EHF-therapy.

Apparatuses allow the use of such a technique - background resonance radiation. In this millimeter wave can destroy the pathogens of a disease. For the treatment of information-wave therapy, a broadband radiator is used.

A little more about EHF

EHF-therapy implies treatment and prophylactic effects with the help of millimeter waves (from 1 to 10 mm). The disadvantage of this substance is that such waves can not be heard or seen, sniffed or felt. A lot of famous biologists, physicists, doctors such as N. Devyatkov, V. Adamenko, V. Kislov, M. Golant and others have worked on extremely high-frequency therapy. EHF-therapy is now approved by the Ministry of Health. Special equipment has all the necessary state-recognized certificates.

The effectiveness of extremely high-frequency therapy is appreciated by a number of well-known clinics and oncology institutions, blood transfusion centers and other medical organizations. Any device is absolutely safe, since EHF-radiation is used in low intensity. Low power when exposed to the body does not contribute to the heating of tissues.

Due to the fact that there is no thermal effect, the physiotherapeutic apparatus for EHF-therapy can be used in pregnancy, tumors (benign and malignant) and various inflammatory diseases.


Having learned about what EHF-therapy, indications and contra-indications have been studied for it, we will conclude that this treatment of many diseases with the help of millimeter waves. After such procedures, the cells work more harmoniously for the recovery of the organism, all structures and systems unite and, on the whole, normalize the vital activity of a person. This is especially shown to those who are elderly, often suffer from chronic colds and tonsillitis, have problems with bronchial tubes, or persons with vegetative-vascular dystonia.

Extremely high frequency therapy successfully combined with traditional medicinal methods of treatment, as well as other physiotherapy. What else fell in love with doctors and patients is the absence of absolute contraindications. This gives an advantage in the treatment of seriously ill people and pregnant women.

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