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How to make a barbecue yourself

What could be better than the aroma of fried meat and fragrant tea in nature? Virtually all the memories of pleasant moments and rest outside the city are associated with shish kebabs. No trip to the cottage with friends can not do without a fun picnic. Therefore, every owner of an infield site thinks how to make a brazier independently from improvised materials.

The options for manufacturing this building are different. To make a brazier, you can use a brick, an old barrel or iron sheets. It is much easier to go to the nearest supermarket and buy a ready-made structure. Collapsible model of the brazier will be an indispensable assistant during the departure for fishing or hiking. Its weight is small and the device is assembled in five minutes. For the suburban area will require a more solid construction. Let's look at several options, how to make a grill with your own hands. The method chosen by you will depend on the availability of free space on the backyard, the building material available and, of course, your skills.

How to make brazier from metal

We will not dwell on the construction of sheets of iron. You can buy it in the store. For our brazier is suitable old iron barrel, a box from the washing machine "Ural" or an unnecessary gas cylinder. Using such handy materials, you can make a comfortable model with a lid that can be used not only for making shish kebabs, but also smoking products or barbecue.

We put the old barrel on its side. We draw a rectangular hole-cover. Be sure to leave the side edges at least 15 centimeters. With the help of a grinder we cut a hole. The width of the skewers should be 30 centimeters. This is quite enough for an average size of shish kebab from 5-6 pieces. The length of the lid is about one meter. So, you can put ten skewers in the brazier at the same time. On the barrel and lid we drill a few holes. We connect them with the help of loops. Be sure to attach one or two handles to the cover for convenience.

To ensure good traction, it is enough to drill several holes in the side walls of the barrel. If you want to use it for smoking food, then make a few holes in the lid. Complete the design with 2-3 metal rods that will pass through the barrel and hold the grate. Now you need to make the legs for the brazier. For this purpose, metal tubes or a corner are suitable. If you have welding skills, then the details of the construction are best welded. Otherwise, use bolt fasteners. The height of the legs should be about one meter, and the frame - of sufficient size to fix the barrel.

How to make a brazier of brick

For any solid construction, a foundation is required. It will provide long service and convenient use of the device. If you want to make a platform only for barbecue, then it is enough to excavate a pit with dimensions of 1.6x 0.8x 0.6 meters. The bottom is covered with a pillow made of any sand, 15-20 centimeters thick. After this, the wooden formwork is installed and poured with a prepared concrete solution. Full hardening of the base will have to wait about 2 days. Only after this it is possible to proceed with the construction of the main structure.

The simplest way to make a brazier is a folded box made of bricks with dimensions of 1.2x 0.45x 0.4 meters. Material for its manufacture will take a bit. You can easily use the brick that was in use. It is enough to leave a few holes in the second row of masonry for good traction. If you put the brazier out of the bricks, decorate the outer walls with a natural stone, planted on the mortar. This finish will further strengthen the walls and give your design a special twist.

If this option is too simple for you, and you want a fundamental design, you should consider the construction of a universal device that connects a brazier, a barbecue, a cauldron oven, a sink, a cutting table and a storage place for firewood. The construction of such a structure will require good skills or the help of professionals.

How to make a brazier on your site - choose only you. It's not as important as what it will be. Fun conversation with friends, delicious shish kebab and a good mood you are provided.

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