Stearic acid. Benefits and harm to the body

Increasingly, one can hear about the widespread use in the cosmetology, as well as the food industry and medicine, of the so-called fatty acids. But what are the values of these interesting and practically unique in their properties substances? Obtain them for the most part without chemical synthesis, since fatty acids are in sufficient quantities in nature (leaves and fruits of various plants). But, of course, when it comes to industrial scales, getting these substances with extracts and extracts is not limited.

Stearic acid is one of the most common substances of a kind in nature. It does not dissolve in water, but it is perfectly diluted with diethyl ether. Under normal conditions, the substance is a crystalline powder of white color (a yellowish tinge is possible).

In which product is most often found stearic acid? Certainly, when reading the labels, you noticed palm oil in some of them. It is widely used not only in the food industry, but also in the cosmetic industry. It is with it that stearic acid most often enters our body. This oil is a part of infant formula for artificial nutrition, and the individual component in question is even present in large amounts even in breast milk. Therefore, the conclusion about the benefits of this acid suggests itself. Without it, a full-fledged development of the organism is impossible, the vital activity of which is actively supported by the chemical composition of the oil. Stearic acid promotes the development of the nervous system, as well as the formation of brain cells.

Meanwhile, like all chemical compounds, it has a number of negative (side effects). In general, they can arise from the abuse of foods that contain this type of fatty acids. So what's wrong with stearic acid? Harm to it is not so large for the body, as good. However, one can not exclude the fact that the use of this substance can have negative consequences.

Like most fatty acids, this compound, with its excessive and regular consumption, provokes the formation of cholesterol plaques, which are fixed on the walls of blood vessels. They impede the movement of blood, resulting in blood clots, extremely dangerous for life. As a result - complex cardiovascular diseases, headaches and pains in the extremities, changes in blood pressure, migraine, diabetes and even signs of impaired sexual function in men (impotence). In addition, stearic acid helps to increase body weight due to the formation of fat cells. However, do not forget that all of the above consequences occur only in case of excessive use of this substance. If you adhere to generally accepted norms, then all these troubles can be completely avoided.

It is also worth noting that fatty acids, which include stearic, can worsen the stable work of the intestines and stomach. The first sign of this is a digestive disorder and an excessively mild stool. If you regularly eat foods that contain this compound, consider a significant increase in the risk of a stroke or heart attack. After all, stearic acid can envelop the red blood cells. As a result, tissues and organs receive less oxygen.

To avoid all these problems, take special care to your daily diet. It should include, if possible, the standard amount of fatty acids, as well as other substances useful to the body, vitamins and trace elements. Remember that any medicine, if you start to abuse it, can turn into poison.

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