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We learn what the fly dreams about, using dream books

It's no secret that for the correct interpretation of dreams, the details accompanying the main symbol are important. Was he moving or was he alone, who or what else was present in your dreams? But that's not all. As a rule, for a more accurate interpretation, one should use not one, but several dream books. This we will do, and at the same time we will know what the fly dreams about. It is unlikely that these insects have fans in real life. Dreaming, they also do not promise anything good. Turning from words to deeds, let us turn to competent sources, one of which we consider the Female Dream Book.

Possibility of infectious diseases, intrigues and other misadventures

In this source of the interpretation of dreams, we see what the flies are dreaming of. Many of these insects can warn of the possibility of contracting an infectious disease. In addition, your detractors, it seems, are beginning to weave intrigues against you. You know the expression: "Flied like flies on honey." But this is your "honey" (business, idea), so drive all kinds of "sticking" off until it's too late! Why do big flies? The Female Dream interpreter says that the symbol is especially negative for girl-dreamers. There are big troubles in various spheres of life. But, as in reality, insects in a dream should be driven away. In that case, you will see an improvement in the day, including the love front.

Sonnik Tsvetkova warns of envious friends, sadness and slander

Why do you dream about a fly sitting on your clothes? Authors Sonnik Tsvetkov identify such a symbol with slander and slander. It is also said here that a lot of these insects in their sleep warn of the presence of envious people in real life. They are usually in close proximity to you, but not everyone, who is called a friend / girlfriend, can in fact be considered so. But one fly in a dream is no better than a multitude. It predicts sadness for the dreamer. The best interpretation of this dream book can be considered the emergence of worries in real life. Also, the Slavonic Sonnik considers the considered symbol of dreams to be an unkind sign. What does a fly dream about? Your detractors will move on to active action and begin to persecute you. Someone you crushed a "pet peeve." Or maybe you just envy?

The fly buzzes - someone will do something stupid

Sonny Longo also does not say anything good about these insects. Why do you dream a fly that buzzes right in front of your ear? Do not be proud, because close people will find some of your actions unreasonable. Avoid the coming quarrel will help just the humility of pride. Know that in most cases mildness and frankness disarm not only your friends who have doubted you, but also cruel enemies. Although the latter can be applied and hardness of character. Some "advisers" literally have to drive from themselves and their enterprises, like flies.

Do not tear the wings of insects

And what does a fly dream about when you tear off its wings? Analyze your attitude to close people. Do you think that they are all to blame for something? But Sonny Longo suggests that you are too hard on your relatives. Even planning revenge on ill-wishers, remember the "boomerang law". Just evade the evil, do good, and everything will be arranged in the best way.

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