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Figures for the garden with their own hands, or How to transform space?

The garden near the house can fulfill not only the function of fruiting, but also have a recreational purpose. Here you can relax and gain strength. Create a cozy atmosphere of the garden will help different flower beds, flower gardens, alpine hills, and enliven the space can be using garden figures. It can be figures of various animals, birds, insects, berries and mushrooms, as well as fairy-tale characters.

Of course, today's assortment of shops for gardeners offers a whole range of all kinds of sculptural compositions. But you can try to make figurines for the garden with your own hands. After all, how much more pleasant it will be to admire your own works of garden art!

For work useful as natural building materials: clay, wood, stones, and unnecessary, old plastic bottles, old books and newspapers and so on.

Do not need special knowledge and skills to make figurines for the garden with their own hands made of wood. Thus, you can transform a dried tree, instead of cutting it. Based on old trees, beautiful decorative figures for the garden are obtained. Whose life to breathe into an obsolete plant depends on the imagination of the creator.

For wooden crafts you will need knives, chisels, saws, rasps, carpentry glue. A ready-made figure can be painted with paint, and you can smoke with a candle, then you get a natural dark color. To fix the color on the wooden product, a layer of clear varnish is applied. It is better to spray from an atomizer, making two or three layers.

Those who know the technique of papier-mache, it will not be difficult to make the decoration of your site. To do this, you will need: old newspapers, paper glue, wire for the frame, paints and varnish for applying the final layer.

Beautiful, realistic figures for the garden with their own hands are obtained from gypsum. The only difficulty can arise in the making of a shape for a figurine. Gypsum differs plasticity and ecological compatibility, but it also has a disadvantage: fragility.

From cement you can make a nice hedgehog. Materials for its production are quite accessible: sand and various twigs and knobs are always at hand, it remains only to purchase cement. For the shape of a rubber ball, a cut cement is placed in its cut half . The solution is prepared by mixing sand, cement and water. Before filling the mold, it must be lubricated with oil to facilitate the extraction of the workpiece. The muzzle will have to be formed by hands, but this should not be difficult, because the hedgehog saw everything. Then you need to leave the cement dough to harden for 2-3 hours. In a slightly hardened "torso" hedgehog squeezed twigs to give similarity to the needles of a real hedgehog. On the muzzle are made eyes from the buttons or knobs. The finished hedgehog does not need to be painted, because the gray color of the figurine for a garden in the form of a hedgehog is similar to the real color of an animal in nature. Thus you can make a whole flock of hedgehogs, having fashioned a few smaller animals.

The garden filled with various figures is not just a plot with greenery, it's a small country with its toy inhabitants. Figures for the garden, made with their own hands, will create in the garden a truly magical and fabulous atmosphere.

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