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A jack with your own hands. Types of jacks, manufacturing features

A jack is an adaptation that should be in the trunk of a car or in a car in a garage. In this case, the second option is better to pick up more massive with a universal functional and a high index of carrying capacity. These characteristics fully corresponds to the pneumatic jack, which will not be difficult to make by oneself.

Characteristics of a pneumatic device

There are three main criteria for estimating a self-made inflatable jack:

  1. Index of load-carrying capacity. To ensure safe operation, this value must exceed the weight of the vehicle. For a car it will be enough to have characteristics of about two tons, maintenance of heavier vehicles requires a payload capacity of at least 2.5 tons.
  2. Pick-up height. This aspect plays an important role if the car has a small ground clearance. The optimum indicator is a value of at least 100 mm.
  3. Level of lift. A self-made pneumatic jack has a height of not more than 500 mm. This stock is quite enough to replace the wheels and some other works, the rigging with the connection to the compressor allows you to raise the car to 70-80 cm.

Unequivocally, when choosing a jack and its manufacture, it is first of all necessary to be guided by your car, the conditions of its operation and storage.

How to make a jack by yourself?

To build a jack with your own hands, you do not need much material and effort. It is necessary to choose the following details:

  • Used pillow from the truck;
  • Suitable bolt;
  • A ball element;
  • Wheeled VAZ lock;
  • Choke;
  • As the main tool drill.

Of the elements presented, the structure is assembled. A bolt is screwed into the hole of the pillow. Previously, it needs to make a nest for the fitting from the camera.

The valve is a wheel bolt from VAZ, in which a hole is drilled. In the next stage, the existing elements are connected, after the ball is installed in the hole, which will serve for air intake.


For practical implementation of this device a special pump is necessary. The inflatable jack is installed under the bottom of the vehicle. For backing it is desirable to use a wooden stand that will interact directly with the machine.

In this mechanism there is one significant drawback. Since the cargo cushion has a decent size, a low-leveled car will have to be lifted beforehand to install the device in question. If you attach a trolley with wheels to the lower part of such units - you will get homemade jack-up jacks for cars.

Comparative characteristics

Pneumatic version raises the load due to the force of compression of the air mass. These modifications work from connecting to additional equipment or from the exhaust of the machine. The air mass enters the chamber. Due to compression and increase in volume, there is an increase in auto. The advantage of the models is that you do not need to exert any special effort, and in the presence of a compressor installation the process takes a few seconds.

A mechanical jack for a car means bringing it into operation by turning or twisting a special handle. Such modifications are of low price and compact size.

The principle of hydraulics is similar to the mechanical version. The difference is in facilitating the process of pumping out the working part of the jack, thanks to the presence of liquid in the working system. Such modifications have a long service life.

The mechanical jack with the electric drive works from a mains power supply, all basic work of the device is made at the expense of an electricity. The advantages of the device are undeniable, but you need to connect it to a power outlet.

Security measures

Despite the fact that the inflatable jack is one of the most elementary in the operational plan, its use requires certain precautions.

To prevent the unit from flying out from under the car, it must be installed correctly. Before installing a new pneumatic device, it is advisable to pump it out once without load, after which it descends and folds itself accordingly. To protect the jack from damage, lay a mat on the floor.

For the manufacture of the working chamber of the device, materials based on PVC are suitable. At minus temperature, this structure hardens and becomes coarse. As experts note, the optimal temperature regime of operation is the figure to -10 degrees.

Hydraulic lifting device

The hydraulic jack itself can be made quite realistically. In its basis there is a casing, the main bearing function is carried out by the extended piston and working fluid (oil). Variations of the device can be made with a shortened or elongated steel frame. The housing is an oil reservoir and a piston guide cylinder.

A special adjusting screw with a lifting heel is screwed into the plunger, if necessary, you can increase the maximum height of the lift. A similar device is equipped with a hydraulic pump with a manual, foot or air type drive.

The working mechanism and the retractable cylinder are located in the openings of the frame. The unit is lowered by turning the T-handle. Some devices are equipped with polyamide wheels, providing maneuverability. Safety of operation is provided by safety valves.

The positive and negative sides of the hydraulic device

Before you make a jack with your own hands, you should consider all of its pluses and minuses. The advantages of a hydraulic device include the following:

  • The device is unpretentious in maintenance and operation at rather high power index;
  • Smooth running of the working rod, reliable fixing of the load at the correct height, accuracy of braking;
  • High efficiency (up to 80%) and load capacity (over 150 tons).

The drawbacks of using the hydraulic model include a high initial lift height, a problem of accuracy in adjusting the lowering position, a decent price and a fairly large weight. Store and transport the device only vertically, otherwise the working fluid may leak.


It's not a problem to make a jack with your own hands. Depending on the possibilities, scope of use and other objective circumstances, it is necessary to choose the correct model according to the type of work. For use on the road, a compact device of a mechanical or hydraulic type is suitable, and an inexpensive and practical pneumatic device will perfectly prove itself in the garage.

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