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Figures from polystyrene foam: simple and beautiful

Man's striving for beauty has always been appreciated. And the creation of art objects from various materials helps to decorate various areas for the holiday in various ways or to install the resulting product for the joy of the eyes for a long time. Figures from polystyrene cope with the task.

Advantages of the products

Volumetric figures from a foam plastic become an integral attribute of any designer when carrying out work on decorating a room for a wedding or an anniversary. From expanded polystyrene, beautiful hand-made articles are created for the country plot or for the area adjacent to the house. Advantages of the products are that they have properties that no other material possesses.

  • Ease. Things from this material have a low weight, which makes it easy to place them on the walls in the form of decor.
  • Volume. Foam plastic figures can easily be given the necessary form, it is enough to follow the prepared sketch correctly.

In addition, the material is not subject to reaction with cement, gypsum, roofing material, it will not damage it either ammoniacal or compounds of organic acids. However, it is worth remembering that polystyrene foam reacts instantly to liquids that contain acetone or gasoline.


To create a piece of foam plastic with your own hands, you should stock up some tools:

  • Sketch. The picture from which the figure will be created must have clear details and take into account the width of the volume of the future masterpiece. It is not superfluous to have several copies of sketches if the part has too complicated edges.
  • A piece of styrofoam. It is worth considering the thickness of the material when calculating the manufacture of the product. For a qualitative result, it is better to take expanded polystyrene with a fine-grained structure. It will crumble less, and the edges of the crafts will be even.
  • Fret saw. This tool allows you to cut off the unnecessary surface from the piece and form the product as a whole.
  • Nichrome wire or a metal string, a saw-saw, devices for cutting excess parts of foam.
  • Machine to support the workpiece. With a small craft, the need for a machine is not necessary, but if the workpiece has a large number of parts or its size is large for the hand, then it is worthwhile to think about fixing.

Some masters pre-cut the cutting tool for more even edges of the product before cutting. In addition, this operation allows the foam to not crumble.

Decoration of products used indoors

Figures of foam plastic by themselves serve as an intermediate material between the finished craft and a piece of material. To bring the product to an aesthetic appearance, you can use various additional things. This can be fabric or decorative paper if the form is to be used indoors. Beautifully look in the room of products made of polystyrene, decorated with leather. With competent performance and a fraction of the imagination, you can create a thing for repeated use.

Decorating products for the street

Crafts for use in garden areas require more diligence in the final processing of the product. First of all, it is worth considering the protective properties of the product from atmospheric phenomena. This can be cement, assembly foam, putty for external work or gypsum, which will give the foam plastic hardness and the desired structure. To weight some constructions, the material can be poured both inside the product and placed on top of it. After the protective layer has completely dried, you can start painting the object, only it is worth remembering the choice of the material - paints based on kerosene, benzene can damage the finished product.

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