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Paving of asphalt crumb with own hands

Road repair is a burning issue, which touches absolutely everyone. Drivers complain of a hideous cover, which eventually ruins their cars ahead of time. Passengers of public transport - on the quality of traffic and the violation of the schedule. Officials - the lack of funding, because of which it is impossible to carry out quality repairs.

You can search for the guilty for a long time or try to find an economical and effective solution to the problem. A step forward in resolving the current situation will be the use of secondary raw materials, namely the laying of asphalt crumbs.

What is the use of asphalt crumb?

In distress, there are roads at all levels - from federal highways, where coverage is needed, to local roads. The latter often remain deprived of the attention of the authorities and over the years become completely unsuitable for traffic.

The second raw material, obtained after the processing of old asphalt, is a universal resource for the construction of motorways. The technology of laying asphalt crumbs allows solving a number of problems, spending a minimum of money. Shredded asphalt is suitable for both the construction of new modern tracks, and for the pouring of roads with low transport load.


The production of asphalt crumbs is a simple process, and in operation it shows itself better than crushed stone. Such raw material retains all the running qualities of the asphalt pavement. Mechanical grinding of large strata does not affect the fact that bitumen is present in the composition - the substance is simultaneously astringent and creates an additional density. This greatly extends the life of the road.

Another plus of laying asphalt crumbs is that over time the quality of the road only increases: fragments of the old coating are crushed and compressed so that a fairly even and durable coating is obtained. This makes asphalt crumbs a real panacea for villages, dacha cooperatives and other places where new roads will not be built in the foreseeable future.

Paving of asphalt crumb alone

The indisputable advantage of this raw material is that special skills are not required for working with it. The product of the processing of asphalt is becoming more and more popular every day. The fact that it was possible to lay asphalt crumb with its own hands adds to the popularity of raw materials.

If it comes to a small area and there is no time limit, then even one person can cope with this task. In the case of a large area it is better to hire a team of workers.

Order of work

So, the qualification of the builder for laying asphalt crumb will not be needed. All you need to know before starting work is the calculation of the material. Taking into account the peculiarities of the terrain, the raw material consumption will be approximately equal to 15 tons per 100 square meters. M. As a supplier of asphalt crumbs, you need to rent a roller with a mass of 10-14 tons.

Preparatory activities, which will require the laying of asphalt crumbs - is the elimination of bushes and grass and alignment of the road surface. If there is such an opportunity, it is better to cover the prepared, even surface with bituminous mastic. So you fix the material and prevent the crumbs from spilling out at first, until it is compressed under constant pressure from the wheels.

The technology of laying asphalt crumbs with their own hands is not difficult: the work is carried out in 2 stages, pouring each layer of raw material and squeezing it with a roller. One layer should be about 10 cm in thickness. After the final ramming, the road is ready for operation.

Working with asphalt crumb is not difficult. In comparison with other free-flowing coatings, it wins, because it becomes stronger and better kept from time, while sand and gravel are scattered along the sides. In addition, the advantage of recycling in its low cost. And although it is not as good in terms of performance as the new asphalt, it is a real salvation for roads that have not been able to wait for funding for many years.

Thus, in the case of road construction from asphalt crumbs, a very dense and strong surface is formed, which is subsequently rolled off by the wheels of cars, becomes firmer, does not collapse and does not blur.

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