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Tips for parents: how to properly raise children

Very many parents believe that they know how to properly raise children, because now there is a lot of information on this issue. However, it is not always possible in practice to apply all the advice that psychologists and educators give. Often as an educational measure there are physical punishments, since nothing else, as it seems to adults, is no longer effective. Let's look at why this happens.

Thinking about how to properly raise children, parents want their children to turn out successful, smart, decent, etc. But what do these concepts mean for them? Most often adults in the daughter or son see themselves as children and, accordingly, try to realize their unfulfilled desires or hopes. One of the main commandments of upbringing is that a child is a unique, unique person who has her own needs and dreams. Let's listen more often to children, showing that we respect them and accept them on an equal footing, especially this is important in adolescence.

Of course, it will not work completely without prohibitions and punishments. Speaking about how to properly educate children, at this point should be discussed in more detail. Strangely enough, physical punishment is still practiced in some families. It must be said that this is one of the most ineffective methods of influencing children. Prohibiting something to a child, you need to justify this measure. And you can start at an early age. The kid needs to know why he can not take this or that thing ("she's hot," "she can break, and you'll get hurt," etc.). If you do not like the behavior of the child, you should tell him about it. For children at an early age, and older, the authority is adults, in particular parents. Such phrases as "I'm upset", "you upset me," in most cases give much more effect than shouting and threats.

By giving recommendations on how to properly raise a son or daughter, many psychologists recommend that parents first of all control their behavior and show a personal example in everything. If the adult himself does not do what the child requires (for example, to wash his hands before eating), then most likely the baby will not learn to observe this rule.

Speaking about how to properly raise children, you need to mention such a rule, as systematic. Consistency in the requirements is very important, only so you can teach the child to order and obedience. The boundaries of the permitted are simply necessary. At the same time, the requirements must be presented to the child by all the members of the family.

Do not constantly point the baby at its shortcomings. If you are thinking about how to raise a son or daughter, so that they become self-confident and successful, remember that you should not skimp on praise. Missing a child can not be noticed, but the achievement in any area, even the smallest, is simply necessary.

Adults should remember that it is from them, from their upbringing and behavior towards children, that the future of their son or daughter largely depends.

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