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Peppers tincture - a burning medicine

Red pepper is a plant that came to our latitudes from Latin America even in the time of Christopher Columbus. Pepper quickly spread to Spain, and soon across Europe. It began to be used as a seasoning, as did Indians, and later - as a remedy.

Thanks to a large number of essential oils and vitamins, peppers are one of the most useful products for humans. Its bitterness, because of which the fruits of pepper can not be eaten as an independent dish, is due to the presence of alkaloid capsaicin. It is on its amount depends on the burning and bitter taste of red pepper. In medicine, chilli is referred to a group of irritants of natural origin. Peppers tincture is one of the most popular means used as a bactericidal, warming, blood circulation improving medication.

The fruits of red hot pepper have a unique composition. They contain all the nutrients necessary to man - carbohydrates, fats, proteins. In addition, the composition of pepper includes: ascorbic acid, carotene, folic acid. The chemical composition of the product contains calcium, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, aluminum, iron, silicon and chlorine. By the number of carotenoids, red pepper can be compared with carrots. Also included are essential oils and flavonoids of various groups.

Most often, peppers are used as an external means of tincture. With rheumatism, myalgia, osteochondrosis, neuralgia, myositis and joint pains, the alcoholic tincture of the burning pepper is rubbed into the skin, used to make compresses. To prevent the appearance of irritation on the skin, it is recommended to mix the alcohol tincture with the massage oil in equal proportions.

Inside, tincture of pepper is used to improve digestion, increase appetite (10-20 drops for half an hour before meals). It is also indicated for poisoning. However, when taking it is necessary to strictly follow the dose indicated by the doctor, since too much tincture can lead to serious burns of the esophagus and stomach.

Pepper tincture is often used as a remedy for hair loss. Due to the irritating effect, the agent contributes to a sharp influx of blood to the treated area and, accordingly, oxygen supply. This beneficial effect on the condition of hair follicles, improving hair growth and preventing their loss. The scalp should be treated with alcohol tincture diluted with water in a proportion of 1:10, leave for half an hour, then thoroughly wash the hair without using shampoo. The course of treatment can be no more than two weeks with the frequency of procedures every 3-4 days.

In folk medicine, peppers are used as a cure for colds. It is used both external and internal. For example, the famous pepper (vodka with a tincture of pepper) can remove cold symptoms literally in one day. However, it should not be abused to avoid alcohol poisoning - it is enough to drink 50-100 grams. External tincture of pepper is used for grinding, as with the first signs of a cold, and for the treatment of complications in the form of dry cough, bronchitis, headaches.

Homeopaths often prescribe the use of pepper tincture for the treatment of cystitis, pyelonephritis. The remedy is also used to get rid of psoriasis, herpes, depriving, allergic or viral dermatitis.

It should be remembered that pepper tincture is a very potent medicinal product that possesses not only useful properties, but also certain contraindications. Therefore, before its use, both externally and internally, it is necessary to get a specialist consultation.

As a seasoning, hot pepper is used very widely. Usually it is dried, powdered, ripe fruit. Red pepper has a pronounced aroma and burning taste. It is customary to add it to different marinades, and also to use it for canning. Recently, the use of red pepper as a means to stimulate metabolism, which helps to lose weight and improve well-being, is common.

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