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How to get wings in Diablo 3: guide to all kinds of ornaments

The question of how to get wings in Diablo 3 is one of the most relevant for characters who have reached the maximum level. To significantly replenish your collection, you will have to spend a lot of time trying on the best outfits and calling for help all your luck. Only then the player is guaranteed the receipt of several rare samples.

Why do we need wings

It would seem that the cosmetic appearance in the project is not as important as the strengthening of the character, but users do not stop looking for easy ways how to get wings in Diablo 3. The reason lies in the significant decoration of the character. The user will not always like the look of the armor, but the two wings behind him can smooth out this effect. When running they have a nice animation, and in combat the hero looks much more attractive. In this case, the items in this direction allow you to stand out among other users, as they are the rarest from all collections. This reason is sufficient for a constant hunt for new and old samples.

Paid content

At the moment, there are five items of the collection that you could get for pre-orders of other games from the developers "Blizzard." The exception is the angel wings in Diablo 3. How to get (2.4 - the current version of the game), every player who purchased the collection of the project knows. Decoration goes to the collection, and inside the world it is enough to press the "get" button on the bottom icon. The other four samples get unrealistic, since the opportunity to make a pre-order for the game is over. Wings of Valor issued to those who managed to order the addition "Reaper of Souls" to the original game. The bone sample was given to the owners of the collection edition of the latest version of the game StarCraft II. The wings of the traitor were a gift for those who had previously purchased the add-on "Legion" for World of Warcraft. The angelic look was given out to all those who managed to make a preliminary order for the game of the shooter Overwatch. Get them for now is no longer possible, but it is possible that in future models will appear in the game store for real currency.

Wings of the Initiate and Master

A new addition (2.4) added several new cosmetic samples to the game world. After that, the question of how to get the wings in Diablo 3 of this patch came to the fore. Wings of the Initiate are obtained for the passage of the Complete Dungeons, which also appeared as new content. The player needs to clear the level in different sets of armor to obtain a basic achievement. Then this model will be added to the collection. Wings of the Master are much harder to get, because when you clean up the dungeons, you must clearly follow the requirements of additional achievements. The player will often have to change equipment, weapons, kill for a while, apply special attacks and much more. It is worth to stock up a huge amount of time and patience for this task.

Other samples of Supplement 2.4

With the adventures in the new content of Supplement 2.4 it is worth knowing in advance how to get the wings in "Diablo 3" of all the added samples. Wings of a dark bat can be found in the location of Tatry. There it is necessary to discover the Nafalem portal, in which this model will be stored. The wings of Kokabiel and Lord Kulsu are obtained from one boss - Magda. The only difference is that the first model is knocked out for killing the monster at the uber-level, and the second - for the standard passage in the mode of adventure. The samples are reminiscent of bat wings and moths. Behind the back of the character look decent and fit to new sets of armor. The latest model called "Kostehvat" drops out of Adria's boss in adventure mode. You can meet a witch in the middle of the fifth act, where she will fight for the first time. Before that, she gave out assignments to the heroes and sometimes joined the detachment in adventure.

Wings of Falcon

The most common players after the addition of version 2.4 are asking themselves how to get the falcon wings in Diablo 3. The model with feathers of the bird looks beautiful on any character, and for this it has gained unprecedented popularity. You can get a sample when cleaning several locations, but it's best to go to the First Gardens of the first level of the fourth act. It is on this territory with some probability that you can find a mysterious chest. It will guarantee the model of interest to the player. This method is the only way to get falcon wings in Diablo 3 quickly and without extra time. The number of attempts to detect a chest depends entirely on the luck of the user. Some find it in the first ten attempts, and others need a hundred or more. In any case, it is worth the time spent if you are going to farm the wings.

Space Wings

Another popular model from the collection of add-on 2.4 is the space wings "Diablo 3". How to get them in the shortest time is still unknown, because the process requires a large number of heavy steps. First of all, you need to catch a rainbow goblin, because only he can open the portal in the player's desired location. The easiest way to do this is to clean out the standard locations in adventure mode. After capturing the monster, he will teleport to the territory of the Miracle Valley. In it, the player needs to find the epic boss Princess Lillian, who also does not always stand in that place. The time of appearance of the enemy is completely random, and it can not be determined.

So, now you know how to get the wings of different kinds in "Diablo 3". So go ahead - to find original accessories for your character!

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