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Critical error XnetStartup Failed in GTA 4: what to do?

GTA 4 is a game that attracted a lot of attention at the time, as it raised to a new level the achievements that the previous part of the world-famous series managed to achieve. However, this article will not talk directly about the game itself. The fact is that gamers often encounter in GTA 4 with a critical error XnetStartup Failed. And that is why the value of this article is that all possible solutions to this problem are collected here. Yes, there are several of them, so you just have to try each method in order, then check to see if the error has disappeared, or you need to continue trying. So, it's time to finally solve the problem of critical error XnetStartup Failed in GTA 4, so that it no longer tormented by innocent users.

Basic Actions

If you have a critical error in GTA 4 XnetStartup Failed, then it is always accompanied by additional text. This text tells you what you need to do to correct this mistake. In this case, the system tells you that you need to restart the computer and reinstall the game, if that does not help. Accordingly, you need to start with these basic actions. Of course, there is no guarantee that they will help you, but to try what the developer recommends is always worth it. Therefore, reboot the computer, and if this does not work, then remove the game and reinstall it. To be sure after reinstalling, you can also restart the computer, and then try to start the game again. If you're lucky, then you can safely continue playing, if not, then again you will get a critical error XnetStartup Failed. GTA 4 is a game you do not want to leave without a fight, so you can continue trying, because there are still enough methods that have been tested by other players.

Reinstalling Games for Windows Live

Well, the basic method did not help you, so you'll have to read this article further to find the coveted salvation. Perhaps the whole problem is the service Games for Windows Live, which must be installed with the game to run it. In the case of Grand Theft Auto games, this is a prerequisite, so you will not do anything. However, this program can be the cause of the problems, so you should remove this software, and do it not with the usual irretrievable removal, but correctly, through the control panel and installing and uninstalling programs. So you can get rid of all the "tails" that the program can leave in the system. After that, check the System32 folder in the Windows directory for the presence of an xlive file with the dll extension. If it is still there, then you should remove it, after which you can install a clean version of Games for Windows Live, as without it, as you already understood, the Grand Theft Auto games do not work. If this method does not help you, then you should try something else.

Operating system version

If you continue to appear in the game GTA 4 critical error XnetStartup Failed 10093, then you should pay attention to your version of the operating system. This game is designed with the expectation that it will run on an operating system no older than Windows XP. Naturally, in the modern world, few people use the OS of the older version, but the problem can be quite different. The fact is that very often users can install the operating system Windows XP SP2, while the launch of the fourth part of the "GTA" requires SP3. Accordingly, you will have to reinstall the operating system to get the ability to run this game.

Replacing damaged or missing libraries

You tried all the previous solutions, but you still have a critical error XnetStartup Failed in GTA 4 ... What should I do? It turns out that there is another method for solving this problem, for which you will need to use the Windows registry. To do this, you need to open the "Start" menu, and then select the "Run" item. So you will have access to the registry, where you need to enter the regsvr32 msxml.dll command and execute it. After that, enter one more regsvr32 msxml3.dll and also execute it. So you can fix corrupted or lost library files, the lack of which causes a problem with this error.

Downloading files

Unfortunately, not always everything can be fixed so simply. In some cases, these files may not be on the computer at all, and then the commands specified above can not be performed. What to do in this case? You have to go to the Internet to find the missing files! Fortunately, you can find them on the official Microsoft website, but even if something similar happens to another game, you can always download the missing library file on the network, paste it into the desired directory and try if the game will work this time. Only in this case you should check the downloaded files for viruses, because there will not be any malicious programs on the official Microsoft website, but on other pages they can be very simple. So when working with files from untested sources it is very important to be careful.

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