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Disease of sinusitis: treatment in children

Complications of the transferred infectious diseases, such as scarlet fever, measles, influenza can become inflammation of the mucous layer of the maxillary sinus, or sinusitis. Treatment in children, as in adults, will depend on the type of the disease. Therefore first of all it is necessary to address to the doctor who will put the correct diagnosis and will appoint corresponding treatment.

Types and forms of genyantritis

Sinusitis can be either unilateral or bilateral. From the clinical side, the disease can occur in a chronic or acute form. In turn, the nature of inflammation, acute sinusitis can be purulent or catarrhal. Chronic sinusitis can be of the following types:

  • Hyperplastic

In this case, there is a thickening of the mucosa and a narrowing of the lumen of the sinus and the opening connecting the sinus with the nasal cavity.

  • Polypous

At this type of disease polyps are formed on the mucous layer of the maxillary sinuses.

  • Atrophic

With such a sinusitis atrophy and does not fulfill its functions mucosa.

  • Mixed

With genyantritis of this kind on the mucous membrane, areas with different types of inflammatory processes are observed.

Sinusitis: treatment in children

At kids till four years because of anatomic features of a genyantritis does not happen. Up to this age, the maxillary sinuses are not fully developed and are not air-tight narrow slits. By the age of four, the child's sinuses acquire the same appearance as an adult. Therefore, parents need to be very attentive to their baby, to treat all colds in a timely manner in order to prevent complications such as sinusitis. Treatment in children of this disease should be started as soon as possible. The fact is, in children the disease is more violent and swift. If you do not respond in time, then the inflammation can go beyond the maxillary sinuses and hit the infraorbital space. Treatment of sinusitis in children Komarovsky Evgeny Olegovich - a well-known children's doctor and TV presenter, recommends starting with an appeal to a qualified specialist. So you can be sure of the correctness of the diagnosis and treatment. In his books and TV programs Komarovsky often told about sinusitis. His methods of treatment are based not only on antibiotic treatment, but also on ensuring a normal microclimate in the nursery.

Treatment of maxillary sinusitis is usually carried out with the help of medications and physiotherapy. The main task is to ensure the outflow of contents from the maxillary sinuses. To prevent the effects of inflammation and enhance the therapeutic effect, laser therapy can be prescribed. Treatment of maxillary sinusitis in children with antibiotics is prescribed with pronounced intoxication. To eliminate edema of the mucous membrane, vasoconstrictive agents are used. A good effect is provided by inhalation. In especially severe cases, they resort to an operative intervention: they make a sinus puncture, wash it with solutions of antiseptic drugs, then inject antibiotics.

Prophylaxis of sinusitis in children

Preventive measures include:

  1. Timely treatment of various colds.

  2. Strengthening of immunity: hardening procedures, regular and adequate nutrition, sound sleep, daily walks in the fresh air.

  3. Vaccinations, according to the vaccination calendar, seasonal use of immunomodulating drugs under the supervision of a doctor.

If a disease such as sinusitis is detected, treatment in children should be immediate. So you will accelerate recovery and prevent possible complications.

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