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As in the game "Avatar" get gold for free, or Game Focuses

The question of how to get gold for free in the game "Avatar" excites many players of this application. The fact is that you can not play normally without it. The most interesting and useful in the game, of course, is bought for the "gold". Let's see how you can get it.

The "luck"

So, if you are thinking about how to get gold for free in the game "Avatar", then the first way to pay attention is your own luck. The one who has already played in this application knows that you can participate daily in a kind of quiz, in which you sometimes win something really useful. But why play it?

The thing is that this way you can answer the question: "How in the game" Avatar "get gold for free?" You will only need luck and the opportunity to play in the "Wheel of Fortune." In other words, special chips. Just twist the wheel every day. As many times as you are allowed to do this without buying additional attempts. If luck is on your side, then you can get a small amount of "gold".

A "shrewd" method

But there is another way to get what you want. These are the so-called "Avatarii" tricks. How to get gold without investments with the help of different manipulations? Very simple. All you need is a drop of patience.

The fact is that in "Avatar" are given different kinds of tasks. For them, a bonus is awarded. This is a supplement to the experience. If you have patience, then you can perform all the quests for which you will be credited with "gold". In truth, this method is a rather long process. It seems, for some it will be easier to win what you want in the "Wheel of Fortune" than to spend a lot of time on some tasks.

But this is not the end of our research. There are still secrets of "Avatar", how to get gold without special investment. Let's see what else can be done to get rich a little. Of course, by all legal methods.

School years

Another option to answer the question of how to get gold for free in the game "Avatar" is the use of the school. But how can you be enriched at its expense?

The thing is that in the game in the school building you can get different tasks. Due to their performance, the player receives the long-awaited and favorite gold. True, not very much - from 1 to 5 coins. Such quests are issued almost every day. So, if you decide to get a good free "gold", it's better to look at the school more often. Just in case.

In addition, there is another way how to get gold in the "Avatar" with the help of the school. The exam will help you here. If you successfully pass it, you get an impressive amount - 50 gold. True, for this will have pretty sweat. To get what you want, you need to score more than 275 points. It is rather difficult to do this, though, for the sake of such a reward, it is worthwhile to suffer. But our secrets do not end there either. As you can see, there is already a fairly good list of possible sources of free gold. But there are a few more. About them, we now talk.

Regular visit

There is one more, rather long method of obtaining free gold. It is not necessary for him to sit and play the game. So this method is ideal for those who decided to earn a good first, and then begin to fully play. Let's see how in the game "Avatar" get gold for free, without making any special effort.

All that is required of you is simply to visit the game every day. For a certain number of days without a pass you will be credited with "gold". So, for example, for 5 days you will get 1 gold, for 10 - 5, for 15 days - already 7 gold coins. Thus, for a month you can earn 26 gold coins. To this you can add more and "Wheel of Fortune", in which you can play daily 3 times for free. Of course, if you did not miss the days.

So you can get gold and save it. Quite a long option, but one hundred percent. And of all the above, this is perhaps the fastest after receiving 50 gold at school for the exam. True, there is another interesting way of obtaining gold in the "Avatar" without the investment.

Assignments "in reality"

Of course, there is another good way to get a free "gold". True, the question of how fast and good it is remains without an exact answer. The fact is that this chip depends only on the user.

If you are thinking about how to get gold for free in the game "Avatar", look at the graph "gold for free" in the game. Before you open a window in which the tasks and reward for them will be listed. Some of the quests require registration on the site, some - games on third-party sites, and some just "ask" to join a person in the group. Of course, among them there are also very complex tasks, for which whole weeks are needed. True, they pay for them in the "gold" is also very good.

So, if you are interested in getting free gold for the game, try to follow all of the above recommendations. If you follow our advice, you can soon accumulate a tidy sum. A successful game!

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