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Biography Vasnetsov Victor Mikhailovich

Who has not seen such famous paintings as "Bogatyri" and "Alyonushka"? And Ivan the Terrible? A legendary Russian artist probably knows not only adults, but also children, because the latter could see the illustrations made by Vasnetsov, to Russian folk tales in children's books or magazines.

How did the artist live?

Meanwhile, he might not become an artist, because in those days, the code he lived, there was a tradition according to which the sons had to follow in the footsteps of their father and inherit his profession. And his father, by the way, was a priest. Therefore, at the age of 10, a small Victor was sent to study first in a special spiritual school, and then in a theological seminary in Vyatka.

Vyatka Theological Seminary

We can say that Vasnetsov's biography as an artist began here. In Vyatka province there were many local artists and amateurs. All of them were engaged, who painted toys, furniture and utensils, who carved wood and beautiful embroidery.

There is no doubt that this had a huge impact on the development of the talent of the young man, as well as his worldview. He was so keen on drawing that if he had a few free minutes, he immediately started drawing something. Probably, then he could not think that soon it would become a matter of his whole life.

Although Vasnetsov's biography includes not only information about him as an artist. It is well known that he was engaged in architecture and design, and also was a monumentalist painter, a theater artist and, as mentioned above, an illustrator of children's books.

Academy of Arts and School of the Society for the Encouragement of Artists

He did not finish the theological seminary : he left the last year, decided to go to Petersburg, enter the Academy of Arts. For this he writes two genre pictures, "The Milkwoman" and "Znitsa", sells them and goes to the Academy for the money received.

Then Vasnetsov's biography unfolds as follows. Arriving in St. Petersburg and getting to the cherished Academy, he passes the entrance examinations and waits for notification of the results. But he did not wait. But not because he did not act, but because there was an error, and a notification for some reason he was not delivered. In fact, he did, but learned about it only a year later.

Deciding that he will try again the next year, he goes to the School for the Encouragement of Artists. There, he improves his skills, and simultaneously earns living by illustrations to various books, magazines and even gives private lessons.

The artist Vasnetsov, whose biography contains many interesting facts, wrote a large collection of paintings that impress with their realism and simplicity. Many of them he wrote when he studied at the Academy, for example, such as "Tea Party", "The Old Woman Feeds the Chickens", "The Beggars" and others.

After graduation, at the invitation of his friend and artist Repin, he went to Paris. There he worked for a year, and in this country he painted a picture of "Balagany in the environs of Paris".

But, in addition to the stunning paintings, there are many portraits that Vasnetsov wrote. The biography is short, set out in this article, has many unsaid points, such as, for example, the above-mentioned interest of Viktor Mikhailovich architecture and design.

The house in which the artist lived, is decorated in a very interesting, intricate style. And the author of this project was, of course, Vasnetsov. On the second floor of this "tower" was a workshop, in which many paintings were born, which later became a legend.

Personal life

Little is known about the artist's family life. But the surviving portraits allow one to see personally the wife of the creator, one of his daughter Tatyana and the sons of Vladimir and Boris.

Interesting facts from the life of the creator

According to his great-niece, there are some curious facts that contain Vasnetsov's biography:

  1. Vladimir Cathedral, located in Kiev, Viktor Mikhailovich painted for 10 years.
  2. Once, when painting the temple, under the very dome, Vasnetsov fell down. He was saved only by the fact that he was caught in a jacket by the hook and hung in the air. Remembering this incident later, he said that the Lord preserved him then.
  3. Vasnetsov was very fond of the History of Russia.
  4. The picture "Alyonushka" was written with the foolish peasant girl who lived in reality. The background is also the real place in Abramtsevo. Initially, the canvas was called "Fool Alyonushka" and had nothing to do with the tale.
  5. In the evenings in the family of the artist the whole family read the Bible.
  6. Vasnetsov was acquainted with Nicholas II and even attended his coronation.
  7. In life, he was a very economical person, he never threw money into the wind and carried every penny he earned to his family.
  8. Vasnetsov was a strict father, but at the same time he brought up his children in an atmosphere of creativity.
  9. The son of the artist received the profession of an astronomer, and the eldest daughter became an artist.
  10. Vasnetsov's wife had a medical profession, which was one of the first (among women) in Petersburg.

The artist died in 1926, and his last words were: "Tell all who will ask how, they say, and that: I only lived in Russia ..."

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