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What is honey herbage? Where is going, what is the benefit?

At different times, mankind enjoyed the gifts of nature. In the Middle Ages people were saved by medicinal herbs, used honey in the fight against physical ailments. With the development of civilization much has changed for the better, however we have not ceased to use the means of traditional medicine. Honey has been and remains an effective tool for maintaining good health and prolonging life on perishable land.

Repeatedly, clinical studies were conducted, during which the useful properties of the beekeeping product were established. Even the official science does not deny that people who daily eat a small amount of natural goodies live longer. Indeed, bees please us with their gifts, they work for our health. Among variety of varieties, honey herb remains in special esteem.

General concept

Annually there are organized fairs that are full of polyfluoric products. Why does it have such a name? Bees collect pollen from several field or meadow plants. The nectar processed by insects has a viscous and fragrant structure. The color palette can be from light amber to dark brown. It all depends on the plant species. The benefits are determined by the medicinal properties of the flowers from which the sweet pollen was collected.

Honey herb motley field

This variety is the most popular among gourmets. It explains so high popularity of melliferous vegetation and, accordingly, the presence of valuable properties. Bees prepare nectar from numerous flowers: chicory, thistle, valerian, sweet clover, buckwheat, etc. It should be noted that the crystallization of the field species is carried out in the shortest possible time. Do not be frightened by this fact.

The composition preserves the nutrients that the plants are endowed with. Beekeepers recommend using honey herb as an anti-inflammatory drug. Useful properties are due to the presence of about 300 valuable substances (vitamins, minerals, organic acids). Delicacy shows a pronounced restorative effect, contributes to the stabilization of the nervous system. It is used to improve the digestive system, as well as in complex therapy for the pathology of the heart.

Altai mountain

The taste and medicinal qualities of polyfloral honey are appreciated all over the world. Nectar is collected from unique honey plants, which are found only in alpine and subalpine zones. Honey herb (photo demonstrates the product) can be obtained from the following group of flowers: borshevik, Siberian angelica, rusian, reebplodnik, volodushki, golden root, penny, bird cherry and other mountain plants.

The product has an exquisite taste and is endowed with a wide range of useful substances. Helps in strengthening immunity, restores the weakened organism, increases efficiency. It has a high content of retinol and carotene.

Has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and tonic properties. It prevents the development of atherosclerosis, strengthens blood vessels. Recommended for the treatment of bronchopulmonary diseases: relieves symptomatic manifestations (cough, runny nose, sore throat, hoarseness).

Mountain motley grass (floral)

It is considered to be the best tool in combating melancholy and cold common herbs. Useful properties are characterized by the content of natural elements, which are necessary for the body to stabilize metabolic and metabolic processes. To remain vigorous and strong, beekeepers advise to use it with royal jelly, pollen and pollen. Nectar is collected on the slopes of the Kuban and the North Caucasus, where the air is ecologically clean, enriched with ozone.

In these parts grow dandelions, sunflowers, buckwheat, medinitsa. Plants are endowed with healing power. Mining honey is designed to enrich the body with missing substances, cleanse radionuclides and toxins. It is an indispensable tool in the therapy of muscle pain. Viscous mass rubbed into the lower back with radiculitis and rheumatism. Suitable for cough, angina, thyroid diseases (in combination with medications). He is treated with skin lesions: wounds, abscesses, burns.


Another bouquet of medicinal elements. Honey herb has a pleasant bitterness, a thick consistency and a dark saturated shade. Gathered in the summer with flowering plants that grow in this area (thyme, plantain, oregano).

A product with a high energy value has a beneficial effect on a person. For this reason, it is in demand among folk healers. He is attributed painkiller, antimicrobial, tonic and anti-inflammatory effect. Natural sweetness has found application in the therapy of gastrointestinal disorders, gynecological diseases.

Meadow honey (motley grass) removes psycho-emotional stress, struggles with stress and nervous disorders. It is often used in the dermatological field. Practice has shown the cleansing properties: with daily use, the body gets rid of waste products and decay products.

Honey herbs: reviews of gourmets and beekeepers

Many fans of this product prefer a flower variety. According to experts, the delicacy combines high profit, exquisite taste and pleasant aroma. In addition, its cost is noticeably lower than monoflernary species. Natural dessert perfectly tones up, gives strength, reduces appetite and boosts the immune system.

However, we must understand that not everyone can absorb honey herbage. Useful properties and contraindications must be known to every admirer. With the available allergies to certain plants, raw materials can do harm. Therefore, it is expedient to abandon the use of the product. It is not necessary to them to take a great interest in persons with diabetes, obesity, colitis, peptic ulcer of the gastrointestinal tract.

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