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Diet with stones in the gallbladder: basic principles

Gallstone disease is a common problem that many people suffer from. And the diet for gallstones is an integral and very important part of the treatment. Proper nutrition with such diseases has some peculiarities, which will be considered in the article.

Gallstone disease: main signs and causes

Before you study what a proper diet should be for gallstones, you should find out what leads to such disorders and what are the main symptoms of the disease.

The gallbladder is an important organ in which bile acids and other enzymes synthesized in the liver are collected. In the normal state of the body, bile freely enters the intestinal tract through special ducts. A stone in the gallbladder can be formed for various reasons. To a similar disease lead:

  • Increase in cholesterol, which is often found with malnutrition, excessive amounts of fatty foods, obesity, diabetes, metabolic disorders;

  • Violation of the outflow of bile, as a result of which the liquid stagnates in the bladder and eventually crystallizes. To such a problem can result in malnutrition, pregnancy, flatulence, biliary dyskinesia, sedentary lifestyle;

  • Infectious diseases of the gallbladder and duct.

The main symptoms of the disease include nausea and a feeling of characteristic bitterness in the mouth. If the stone is located in the bile duct, then the so-called hepatic colic develops, when a person suffers from attacks of acute pain giving to the right hypochondrium, arm or shoulder. Sometimes it is possible to increase the formation of gases in the intestine, as well as fever, especially if the disease is associated with the penetration of infection.

Diet with stones in the gallbladder

To date, there are many treatments for cholelithiasis, ranging from safe dissolution of stones with the use of special drugs and ending with the surgical removal of solid formations. Nevertheless, the right diet can not only accelerate the process of treatment, but also prevent the formation of new stones in the future.

Diet with stones in the gallbladder has several main points:

  • Bile participates in the digestion of fats. And in order to relieve the load from the liver and gall bladder in a similar disease, it is necessary to reduce or completely stop the intake of animal fats.

  • In addition, you need to limit the amount of cholesterol. Patients are advised for a time to completely abandon the meat, liver and egg yolks.

  • The drinking regime is also of great importance . With cholelithiasis, it is necessary to increase the amount of liquid consumed, at least up to 2 liters. Give preference to pure, non-carbonated water - it has an excellent effect on the body's condition, normalizes metabolism and promotes the natural withdrawal of small stones from the body.

  • Experts recommend a fractional food - there is need as often as possible, but in small portions. Thus, the digestive system, including the liver and gall bladder, is not overloaded and always remains toned.

  • And do not forget about the benefits of fiber. Eat fresh vegetables, fruits and cereals, which perfectly satisfy hunger, normalize the digestive system and prevent the formation of new stones.

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