Hob Electrolux EHF 6547 XOK: model overview, photo

The human body is designed in such a way that it needs to eat. How long can you live without food? The answer is obvious - a little. The daily ration should consist of the first course, side dish in combination with fish or meat products and dessert. And now we come to the most important thing. What do you need to prepare all this? Skills and knowledge of recipes. Of course, but this is not enough. The most important thing in the process of cooking is a stove. Classic models consist of a hob and an oven. However, in recent years, manufacturers of this home appliances offer updated designs, due to which it is possible to abandon the dimensional objects that do not always fit perfectly into the kitchen space. One such product is the Electrolux EHF 6547 XOK. The advantages of this model are compact dimensions and unique design. However, this is not all. They provide for the presence of many innovations that comply with European standards and norms. If we compare this model with its predecessors, then it largely surpasses them.

So, let's get acquainted with the functions, additional possibilities and the principle of the Electrolux EHF 6547 XOK cooking panel. The feedback from the lucky housewives is so positive that it is simply impossible to avoid this model.


The popularity of the EM Electrolux hob is due to the presence of many criteria. This model is electric, and this gives it a number of significant advantages. The first thing I would like to note is safe operation. In such modifications, the use of gas is not provided, and there is no open flame during operation. That's why you do not need to worry that the burner will go out and an explosive situation will arise. Also pay attention to the fact that when the mode is turned on, the Electrolux EHF 6547 XOK cooktop does not consume oxygen, and, as is known, it is not possible to achieve such parameters when working with gas devices. Many housewives appreciated the ease of care for such a household appliance. Due to the fact that the hob is covered with glass ceramics, when cleaning it, no special effort is required. A smooth and smooth surface does not allow you to eat fat and dirt.

Model Electrolux EHF 6547 XOK: short description

As we already mentioned above, by the way of connection this model is electrical. It is independent, which makes it possible to install it anywhere. Dimensions of the hob: length - 590 mm, width - 520 mm. Such dimensions are enough to prepare several dishes at the same time. Burners - 4. All of them are ceramic with Hi Light function. The hob is equipped with a three-circuit (1 pc., Located on the first line) and an oval (1 pc., Located on the second line) burners. The device is controlled by touch switches. The main surface is made in black, and the silver frame runs along the perimeter. The weight of the device is almost 8 kg.

Hob in the interior

The hob Electrolux EHF 6547 XOK can easily be combined with any kitchen furniture. Due to its special arrangement, it represents one whole with the countertop, while allowing to create a modern kitchen interior. Every buyer, when buying a hob, pays attention to its design. It should be noted that the combination of colors used by the manufacturer (silver, black) looks very impressive. Thanks to this transition, this device is ideal for both light surfaces and dark ones.

Briefly about coverage

The Electrolux EHF 6547 XOK is made of glass-ceramic. It perfectly copes with all kinds of loads, both thermal and mechanical. Black color gives noble notes, so the hob looks very nice and stylish. The control unit is located directly on the surface, which is quite convenient. All manipulations are carried out with a light touch of a finger. But consumer feedback notes one drawback with this coverage - when working with it, fingerprints remain. However, this is not a weighty problem, as they are easily wiped off with a damp cloth.

Additional options

Electrolux EHF 6547 XOK - hob, which is equipped with many functions that help not only to quickly and quickly prepare a dish, but also to maximize the safety of the person involved in this process. The first thing that deserves attention is a protective automatic shutdown. It works even when the dishes are moved away from the hob. The next option, which many parents note in their responses, is the panel lock button. It is very useful if there are small children in the house. The timer of the burners and the indicator of residual heat are simply irreplaceable during cooking. The Stop + Go option allows you to quickly stop work, and after a while to resume it, and the parameters remain the same as before the shutdown.


It is worth noting that Electrolux EHF 6547 XOK, however, like other similar cooktops, has one feature - it refers to the induction type. And this means that with direct use of heat is generated exclusively at the bottom of the dishes. That's why manufacturers offer to immediately purchase the appropriate accessories, which fully meet the necessary characteristics of the hob. This, of course, additional costs, but modern appliances costs this.

Let's sum up the results

Electrolux is a company that has a very good reputation. In Russia, its products are popular, and consumers know about the quality of technology not by hearsay. Electrolux EHF 6547 XOK is an electrical panel for cooking, which is characterized by high-quality and reliable assembly. The manufacturer claims that the device has a long service life and is manufactured only from high-quality materials. Therefore, if there is a desire to make the kitchen much more spacious, and also add functionality to it, then you can safely purchase a built-in hob TM Electrolux. This technique will successfully cope with all the responsibilities that will be assigned to it.

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