Confectionery nozzles for decorating cakes, capcakes and muffins

All of us in childhood fascinated colorful roses and monograms from protein and oil cream on holiday cakes. It seemed that this was the work of a real artist. In part, this is true, because to decorate the cake, you need skill and inspiration. However, it is not difficult to do this, having a special confectionery bag and a variety of confectionery nozzles. Today they can be bought in any economic department store or a crockery store, and there are very simple products, and there are professional ones. They are united by one thing - both require a little practice and a full hand.

In order not to be lost in all the diversity, let us consider the basic parameters.

Types and materials

All attachments available for sale can be conditionally divided into amateur and professional. The first are quite cheap, are sold in all stores, usually together with a reusable bag, and their number is limited to 3-5 basic species. They are also often made of plastic. It's cheap, but it's worth remembering that even food grade plastic is less preferable in terms of benefits to the body. In addition, plastic can stain from a very bright cream, and the pattern of such products is too inexpressive, and the result can be deplorable.

Professional confectionery nozzles are made, as a rule, from metal - from food stainless steel, which makes them durable and safer. They are expensive, one thing can cost more than a whole plastic set. However, only with such products you will get a predictable result. Also professional nozzles are often sold in sets in a special suitcase, and the number of pieces in them can exceed 50.


All nozzles for the confectionery bag have a different size, that is, the diameter of the hole for the cream. The volume of the future pattern and the thickness of the line depend on this. All sizes of professional attachments are marked with numbers and Latin letters (S, M, L) or the hole size in millimeters is indicated to them. However, the marking may differ slightly from one manufacturer to another.

Small and thin are good at making small patterns on the cake, writing words, they are great for aysing and for decorating gingerbread. With medium-sized nozzles, confectioners are able to decorate with a gesture a muffin or cake, and large ones are created for volumetric colors and waves adorning chic cakes, and also for casting dough.

In household use, medium-sized confectionery nozzles (size 1M, or 13-14 mm) are most in demand, and it is also desirable to have at least one small and one large.

Round nozzles

These attachments are very versatile and suitable for almost everything. On sale it is possible to meet up to 20 kinds of such products.

The smallest, size 1 or 1S, give a thin line, indispensable in the work with aysing and in the lacy painting of gingerbread. They can also make accents in the cake painting (hanging threads, dots, lacy patterns) and in detailing the figures (drawing faces and muzzles of animals).

Thin round confectionery nozzles for cream up to 5 numbers are suitable for creating inscriptions and monograms. There are also thin cones with a very long tip - they are convenient for stuffing muffins, capcasks, donuts and cakes.

Round nozzles of medium size (for example, 2A, or 14 mm) are used to decorate the croquettes and to plant the macaroni, and very large ones are ideal for custard (eclair and profiterole) or protein dough (meringue or Kiev cake).

Nozzles of different shapes

The basic figured confectionery nozzles:

  • An open star. The most commonly used sizes are from 5 to 18 mm. The larger diameter is suitable for the capkake cap, the smaller one is for decorating the cake, and they can also place meringue or marshmallows.

  • Closed Star. Its outline is more pronounced and voluminous, which is popular in decorating capkeys. A small nozzle is ideal for decorating the sides of the cake.

  • French. Such nozzles for a confectionery bag differ from the previous shallow ribbed surface of the figure.

  • Flower. The nozzles come with a center, that is, a metal jumper between the petals. Designed for planting a cream that mimics a real flower. There are nozzles and without a middle, which is convenient in the care.

  • Strips. The nozzles in the form of strips are of different size and texture - from smooth to ribbed. Designed for decorating curbs, creating smooth strips and corrugating.


The most famous manufacturer of confectionery baits can be called the American firm Wilton, in its assortment about a hundred different products of the highest quality. This is the most affordable nozzle in our market and at a price, and on offers in stores for confectioners - prices are about 250 rubles apiece.

A large selection of attachments and the Korean brand Ateco. The cost of their products is about 200 rubles apiece. More expensive attachments are produced by the English brand PME, its products can be recognized by engraving on metal. The cost is from 350 rubles per unit.

As for domestic producers, it is possible to highlight confectionery nozzles "Tulip". This workshop produces large items (up to 23 mm in size) with its own flower design.

Of the more accessible non-professional attachments, you can name only the "Drommar" set from IKEA.

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