Steamer Bork F700: instruction, overview, comparison with competitors and reviews

Everyone knows that a healthy diet is a guarantee of a healthy and long life. Therefore, more often people are interested in such an adaptation as a steamer. Food, cooked with it, meets all the requirements of proper nutrition. Products that have been cooked for a couple, completely retain their vitamins, nutrients and color. Dietitians recommend to eat steamed dishes. Of all the varieties of steamers, you need to provide a Bork F700 steamer. This modern model has become very popular in many families in our country.

Bork F700 Steamer: Overview

This steamer Has three independent cooking zones, in which it is possible to prepare different products. Thanks to a special IQ STEAM system, products that require a longer heat treatment are beginning to be prepared earlier. After some time, the next zone is turned on, the cooking process will be faster. Thus, all meals will be ready at the same time.

Steamer Bork F700 has seven optimal cooking programs, which allows you to prepare delicious food quickly and correctly. If desired, a person can independently set the optimum cooking time and temperature, then program a program that will be available when one button is pressed.

When the cooking process has come to an end, the cooker automatically switches to heating mode. Thanks to this function, the dishes will be still hot for 40 minutes.

Also in this model there is a function of automatic shutdown and sound signal in the absence of water in the tank. This eliminates the possibility of failure of the device due to lack of liquid.

User's manual

Before using for the first time, thoroughly clean all tanks and removable parts that the Bork F700 steamer has. The instruction for use states that before each use it is necessary to check the water level in a special tank.

The control panel does not contain many buttons. On the left side is the control of the heating of the containers. Separately, the rear, left, right and center container is adjustable.

In the center, you can select the desired program, there is also a digital display that shows the temperature and time until the end of cooking. On the right side are the start button and the timer adjustment.

When using the steamer, it is necessary to observe the precautionary measures:

  1. Do not place the device near objects that can deform it by means of hot air.
  2. Before starting, make sure that the device is properly assembled and everything is in place.
  3. Do not pour water over a special mark and do not include a steamer if there is no water or very little.
  4. It is necessary to be extremely careful with the hot surfaces of the steamer.
  5. Use only the original accessories that come with the kit.
  6. In the event of a breakdown, repairs must be carried out only in the specialized service centers of the manufacturer.

Cleaning Steamer

Before cleaning, the appliance must be switched off and wait until the Bork F700 steamer has cooled completely. The instruction distinguishes such basic subtleties of washing of this device:

  • All removable parts of the steamer should be washed in warm water, use of detergent for tableware is allowed. Do not wash in the dishwasher;
  • Wash parts only with a soft cloth or sponge, which will not damage the surface of the device;
  • Due to the minerals in the water, scale may appear on the heating element after a while. It must be removed with the help of special products that are sold in household chemical shops;
  • Do not use abrasive detergents.


The steamer Bork F700 is certified and meets all the necessary standards for its implementation on the territory of the Russian Federation. It has the following characteristics:

  • The maximum power is 1600 W;
  • Zones for cooking - 3;
  • Tiers - 1;
  • Material of the hull and containers - plastic;
  • Weight - 4700 g.

The steamer package includes:

  • Capacity for loose cereals;
  • Capacity for cooking products in its own juice - 2 pcs .;
  • Grating for two-level placement of ingredients.

Terms of service

Bork provides warranty for three years. In the event of a breakdown, the service center will take the steamer for repairs and make repairs free of charge if necessary.

Free repair in the service center is available under the following conditions:

  • The warranty card must be correctly filled, it contains the stamp of the outlet where it was purchased, the seller's signature and the date of purchase;
  • The product has not been opened or repaired by itself;
  • At the reference in the service center the consumer together with the double boiler should bring also a warranty card;
  • If mechanical damage is noticed on the device, free repair will be refused;
  • Also the service center has the right to refuse to be repaired if the steamer was used for industrial purposes, for example in restaurants or other catering establishments.

It is desirable to keep the packaging from the goods. If it is replaced, the old steamer should be returned with the original box.

What makes the Bork F700 steamer different from others

Basically, steamers have 2-4 tiers, which are interconnected. For example, if you put fish on the lower tier, and on top - vegetables or any other products, they absorb a rather sharp smell of fish. If you put it on top, the other ingredients are smaller, but still it smells like it.

But smells will not be transferred between products if the food is prepared by the steamer Bork F700. The review of the model shows that all three tanks are independent of each other and odors are not mixed during cooking - this is the main advantage of the steamer.

Elite models of steamers, similar in price to the Bork F700, have a more modest control. Very often there are units where only time and temperature are exhibited, it is not worth talking about the heating mode.

Steamer F700 Bork: recipes

Vegetable cabbage rolls in a double boiler. It is necessary to take in equal proportions carrots, bell peppers and onions. Cut everything very finely and season with salt and pepper. Cut cabbage into leaves and steaming them for 2 - 3 minutes. In each sheet, you need to put two tablespoons of filling and wrap. After the cabbage rolls are folded, they must be put in a steamer tank and stewed for 15 minutes. Serve this dish best with sour cream.

Stuffed tomatoes. With large tomatoes it is necessary to cut off the tops and remove the flesh. In a separate bowl, mix the flesh of the tomatoes, garlic and rice, and simmer the whole mixture in a steamer for five minutes. Then it should be added grated cheese and mix everything. The filling is put in tomatoes and stewed in Bork F700 for 15 minutes. For half an hour the family receives a tasty, and most importantly, a healthy dish.

Reviews of this model

Consumer opinions are predominantly positive. After all, in this category of home appliances the best representative is the steamer Bork F700. Customer reviews contain only delight for the reason that you can simultaneously prepare products that have different cooking times. Having set the correct program, the steamer separately turns on the heating of the required reservoir. Thanks to this, the whole family can eat dishes cooked simultaneously.

The reliability of use is noted, it is extremely rare to see negative comments about the quality of this technique. But if such cases were, then the service centers quickly and qualitatively coped with the repair of the steamer.

But not one positive feedback is famous for the steamer Bork F700. The testimonies also indicate a flaw in the model. Namely - the absence of a delayed cooking timer. Moms after walks with children are forced to come home and wait for lunch. Also to drawbacks can be attributed a short power cord. Not always the consumer has an outlet to successfully place the steamer near the hood. By the disadvantages, some consumers still include a fairly high price, but this is most likely a necessity, since it is necessary to pay for quality. For poor-quality plastic or poor quality of the device, there are no complaints.

Features of the steamer Bork F700

The steamer Bork F700 is quite an original device that has many advantages over its competitors. The main features include:

  • Three independent cooking zones, which are separately regulated and do not convey smells at all;
  • Individual steam supply to each of the tanks;
  • There is a function of self-programming of your favorite cooking programs;
  • Thanks to IQ STEAM technology, all three dishes are cooked at one time;
  • 7 standard cooking programs;
  • Large digital display where there are three independent timers with indicators;
  • The possibility of working steamer without adding water for 2 hours 20 minutes.

All these features favorably distinguish this steamer among all other models, where cooking is not individually divided between the tanks.


The steamer Bork F700 is an elite technique that has a lot of advantages. High quality plastic extends the term of its work. All parts are made by modern technology, this makes the steamer reliable and durable.

But the most important thing is that having such beautiful equipment at home, the whole family will only eat healthy food. Moreover, if there are small children in the family, you can sterilize bottles and pacifiers in a steamer. Now you do not need to boil anything - just select the steam mode, and after a few minutes all the microbes will be destroyed.

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