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Cream of protein custard: a recipe. Preparation of protein custard cream

As you know, creams that have good taste, high calorie and plasticity, are used to decorate baking. They are prepared by whipping, resulting in a lush mass. The only drawback here is the fact that they quickly deteriorate, so you need to use them within certain time limits after cooking. At the same time they are cooked in the amount that is necessary, they never leave any leftovers. Store such a product in a cold place, and the products, where they are used, should be consumed immediately.

Creams are different. Today we will talk about what the cream of protein (brewed) is, the recipe will be given below. So, protein creams are very light and lush, they are used only for filling and external finishing of baking. Let's consider several ways of preparing such a product.

Cream protein (brewed)

Ingredients: six hundred and fifty grams of sugar, three hundred twenty-five grams of protein, twenty-four grams of vanilla powder, two hundred grams of water.

Preparation: Method # 1

To prepare a protein cream (custard), the photo of which is attached, it is necessary to bring the water with sugar to a boil, boil one third, removing the foam. In the meantime, whisk the whites until the mass is increased six times, and a thick foam should be produced. Then a hot syrup is poured into the mass, not stopping to beat, put vanilla. The cream continues to beat for another ten minutes. When adding hot syrup the protein will be fixed, so the cream is perfect for finishing baking, because it is able to keep the shape well. If the syrup is warm, the final product turns out to be vague, and when the temperature is very high, lumps are formed.

Preparation: Method No. 2

To prepare a protein custard for a cake in this way, you need to whisk the proteins first slowly for three minutes. Then increase the speed and whip another ten minutes. Then put small portions of sugar, and after ten minutes and syrup, pouring it in a thin trickle (it is prepared from the remaining sugar and water), add vanilla. All this time the cream does not stop whipping, do this until a stable pattern appears on its surface.

Custard with protein cream and jam

Ingredients: three hundred twenty-five grams of sugar, one hundred and sixty-five grams of protein, twelve grams of vanilla, four hundred and eighty grams of jam of any.


First boil the syrup, boiling it to one-third. Proteins beat up to increase their volume six times, adding gradually jam and vanilla. Do not stop whipping, add a small stream of sugar syrup. In ten minutes the cream will be ready for use.

Cream protein (brewed): recipe for agar

Ingredients: six hundred and seventy grams of sugar, three hundred and forty grams of protein, five grams of agar, one gram of vanilla, a pinch of citric acid, two hundred grams of water.


Agar is poured in water and left for three hours for swelling. Then it is boiled, add sugar and cook syrup so much that it boiled for one-third. Meanwhile, the whiskers are beaten until a stable foam forms, adding citric acid to them. Then pour hot syrup into the jet and continue to beat for another ten minutes. This preparation of a protein (custard) cream makes it possible to obtain the final product more stable, for the decoration of dough products.

Protein-custard on a water bath

Ingredients: one gram of citric acid, ten grams of vanilla sugar, half a cup of granulated sugar, two proteins.


Proteins are combined with sugar, vanilla and citric acid, whisk a little with a mixer so as to connect all the ingredients. Next cream protein (brewed), the recipe of which we are now considering, is prepared as follows: dishes with egg mass put on a water bath and continuously beat it for fifteen minutes. Then the dishes are removed from the plate and whisked for another five minutes, during which time the cream should completely cool down. The finished product can be used for its intended purpose.

Protein-custard with beet juice

Ingredients: seven hundred grams of sugar, sorb

Ok grams of beet juice, five grams lemon

Th acid, three hundred grams of protein.


To prepare a cream protein (brewed), the recipe of which is actually very simple, you need to replace ten percent of proteins with beet juice. The latter, in turn, has a great ability to form foam, which ensures the production of high quality cream. In addition, the juice is a natural colorant.

Juice beets boil for two minutes and cool, add to proteins and whisk until a strong foam. Then add citric acid and sugar syrup (how to cook it, we know) and continue to whisk until a stable pattern is formed on the surface.

Cream protein "Zephyr"

Ingredients: two hundred and sixty grams of protein, two hundred and fifty grams of sugar, five hundred grams of jam, one hundred grams of water, four grams of agar.


Agar is washed and poured with water, left for three hours to make it swell. Then jam and sugar are added to it, the mass is boiled to one third. Meanwhile, whites are beaten until a strong foam forms, a mixture of agar and jam is added. All this time, the proteins do not stop whipping until a stable pattern appears on the surface, this takes about three more minutes.

Such a custard with protein cream is used immediately after preparation, while it has not cooled down yet. Otherwise, it can turn from a jelly-like mass. The cream itself turns out to be a pleasant brown shade with a magnificent taste and aroma.

Finally ...

It must be said that the ratio of proteins and sugar depends on the size of the eggs and their freshness. So, usually one protein is taken about two tablespoons of sugar or powder. If the amount of the latter is greater, the foam will settle. The right proportions give the opportunity to get a magnificent foam, which sets well, without heavier cream. It is very important to add syrup to the protein foam in a hot form, only then you can get a high-quality final product. If you follow all the rules and recommendations, the cream will turn out magnificent, light and airy.

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