How to sew a jacket with your own hands

In order to get a good thing, you need to contact a specialist. But if there is a desire and a minimum of skills, you can try to do it yourself. How to sew a jacket? First of all, you should determine to whom the thing is intended: to a man or a woman. Then choose the sewing style. The length of the jacket, its shape and other features depend on the fashions of fashion, individual taste, the customer's figure, the purpose of the thing. The next step is choosing the fabric, its color, the material from which it is made, its thickness and pattern.

Summer jackets are sewn without lining, and the classic ones are lined and beaded. We purchase the fabric and start the work. To tailor any thing, let alone a jacket, you should make a pattern of the product. To do this, you need to take measurements. Merk should be removed from the person in underwear or in light clothing. It should be remembered that mistakes during the removal of measurements, dragging errors in the drawing. In the end result, the product will not sit well on the figure.

The basic measures necessary to sew the desired thing:
Neck circumference
Chest circumference
Waist circumference
Hip circumference
length of the product
Back width
Shoulder width
the length of the sleeve
Back length to waist

Drawing on the basis of this data. How the drawing is done is a separate topic, large and complex. A drawing, as a rule, is done on half the figure. Based on the drawing, a pattern of the desired thing is made. Such patterns are called cartridges.
Now take the fabric, add it in half on the share thread, spread it on a flat surface, pin it with the pins of the cartridge so that the shoulders hit the fold line. We begin the cut of the jacket. Cut the material is always not on the edge of the cartridge, and after stepping off the edge by 1 cm, because you must always have a stock of material on the seams.
The details are cut. The first stage is passed - it's good. What to do next? How to sew a jacket? The answer is to continue to work quietly. First of all, we sew "on a live thread" (i.e., a note) the details of the jacket. Sour cream details should be tried on. When sewing any product, as a rule, two attempts are made.
Making the first fitting, it is necessary to pay attention to the ratio of the shape of the product and the figure, the ratio of parts between themselves for the long and wide. At the first fitting you should specify the location of small parts (collar, lapels, pockets) and their size. The next step in the work: checking the depth of the neckline, shoulder seam, armhole line.

Next, the contrast line denotes the line of the bottom of the jacket, the bottom of the sleeve, armhole. For the correct connection of the sleeve, it is necessary to designate the extreme points of the pellet of the sleeve, the shoulder part of the product, the beginning and end of the sleeve fit. Fitting is carried out on the ready bodice. The purpose of the corsage is to keep the shape of the product. Next, prepare the collar and take it to the neck.
Sewing is more convenient to start with a recess.
After the work done, we carry out the second fitting. We dress the jacket, specify the position of the shoulder and side seams, armholes, the location of the sleeve in the armhole. If necessary, eliminate defects and stitch the product.
In fact, the work is done. Remained small details: the length of the jacket is specified, the length of the sleeve is sewn, the bottom of the article is hemmed, the back sections are cut, the hinges are cut and lashed.

The bottom of the sleeve, and the bottom of the jacket as a whole, must be hemmed in by hand in a secret seam or on a sewing machine. Finally, we take out the threads that were swept away with the details, produce the wet-heat treatment, hang the jacket on the mannequin for drying. The finishing touch is sewing on the buttons.

When asked how to sew a jacket, the answer is - it's not easy. The work requires accuracy, accuracy, patience and considerable skills. But, in return, the person who undertook this hard work will receive a truly exclusive item as a present, which will only be in a single copy and only with him.

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