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Boiled beef for your health

In our world, where it is considered a good way to monitor proper nutrition, there is one product available to everyone, about the benefits of which even dieticians do not argue. This product is boiled beef. How is it useful? Judge for yourself. It is caloric (254 kcal), but ... Only 250 grams of beef bring the same amount of benefits to the body as a whole liter of milk. Cooked beef neutralizes hydrochloric acid and reduces the irritating qualities of some other enzymes. It is the only of all meat products does not leave rotting or roaming waste in the body. Protein, which is also rich in this meat, is recommended to people who are trying to build muscle. Broth from boiled bones is recommended to drink to people with weak bones or bone injuries. Beef helps hemopoiesis and does not promote weight gain. And she is rich in unsaturated fatty acids. That's why dishes made from boiled beef must be present on every table. It is not necessary (even harmful) to eat daily. It is better to do this 1-2 times a week. But boiled meat can make any, even a festive table, unique. Meat is delicious in itself, easily fits in a variety of salads. I, for example, never eat sausages or sausages, they are replaced by sandwiches with boiled or steamed beef. And the most favorite salads with beef are "Onion" and "Mushroom".

Onion salad with beef

And this and the other recipe includes boiled meat. The recipe for boiled beef is simple. At first meat (the more the piece is, the more delicious) it is poured with cold water and very quickly brought to a boil. Water is drained, the meat is washed and put back to boil, but already on a small fire. For salad you need:

  • Boiled beef - half a kilogram.
  • Bow. It needs to be cut and pour vinegar on the clock for 6, then rinse with iced water.
  • Pomegranate (large).
  • Pepper and other condiments to taste.

Salad can be laid out in layers or mixed, this is also a matter of taste. Boiled beef is cut into very thin straws, mixed with onion and pomegranate. You can dress the salad with mayonnaise, or you can prepare a dressing from a glass of sour cream (or yogurt), sweet and ordinary mustard (to taste), three spoonfuls of dry wine. Above, it is necessary to sprinkle a dish with pomegranate seeds.

Mushroom salad

Boiled beef and mushrooms (pickled) for it will be required equally, approximately 250-300 grams. Meat is boiled, onions, mushrooms and carrots are fried. Then all spread out layers, lubricating each with yogurt or mayonnaise, necessarily adding mustard. In the salad you can add a salted cucumber.

Useful sandwich with beef

For its preparation I take large leaves of salad. Having washed them, I grease with mustard and spread on it the thinly boiled meat cut into thin layers. Over it horseradish with beets, again salad, meat, dressing, tomatoes, salad, dressing, meat, cucumbers and pepper. The thinner the meat in such a sandwich, the more delicious it is. The resulting "hill" should be well wrapped in salad leaves. Bread is not used. You can anoint the layers with the dressing that you like best. I'm in the mood of using horseradish with beets or mayonnaise, French mustard, sweet sauces, yogurts, mayonnaise or combinations of these sauces.

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