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In the nose burning and dry: causes and treatment

Drowsiness and itching in the nose is a common sign of a viral, bacterial infection or allergic reaction. But not always they become the causes of discomfort. Medicine has long known why people have burning sensation in the nose. The reasons and ways to combat them will be presented to your attention in today's article. It should be recalled that manufacturers of drugs recommend using their drugs only on the advice of a doctor.


Dryness and burning in the nose are almost always accompanied by its stuffiness. Especially it becomes noticeable at night or in the evening. The patient may be tormented by a scrape and even pain by inhaling air. There is a violation of the olfactory reflex, and in some cases it disappears altogether. People who suffer from dryness in the nose begin to form large crusts. When they come off, bleeding occurs, which, in turn, also dries up and forms a coarse raid. It seems that this is a vicious circle, getting out of it is quite problematic. To eliminate severe burning sensation in the nose, you need to know the causes of its occurrence. Only in this case the therapy will be chosen correctly, and its result will not keep itself waiting.

Viral infection: influenza

Dryness, reverberation and burning in the nose for colds often appear in the first day. Further, these symptoms are replaced by abundant mucus secretion and edema. But with the flu, things are different. Coryza during this virus disease usually does not appear. But the nose feels burning and dry. The flu flushes in the throat, a feeling of weakness, an aching in the muscles and a high body temperature.

Treatment of influenza is reduced to the organization of the appropriate schedule: abundant drink, light food, bed rest and fresh air. In some cases, doctors prescribe antiviral drugs. If we are talking about nasal drugs that can help eliminate such symptoms of flu as dryness and burning, you can distinguish the following:

  • "Grippferon" - can be used for children from the first days of life and pregnant women.
  • "Derinat" is a complex immunomodulator used to treat and prevent viral infections.
  • "Miramistin" - eliminates viruses, bacteria and fungi from the nasal mucosa, but also contributes to its drying.

Bacterial damage

When bacterial lesions often occur in the nose burning. The reason for this process is the multiplication of bacteria, their contact with healthy cells, the introduction into the deep layers of the mucous membranes. With a bacterial infection, a runny nose may be present, but outwardly it will not be noticeable. The fact is that the mucous clusters flow down the back wall of the throat. Adenoiditis is one of the frequent bacterial diseases in children, accompanied by dryness, burning, breathing and snoring.

Treatment of unpleasant symptoms in this case is to eliminate their cause. To eliminate bacterial defeat of nasal passages, antiseptics, antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs should be used. For the nose, the following drugs are recommended:

  • Isofra - drops or spray with antibacterial substance.
  • "Polidex" - have not only antibacterial activity, but also reduce edema.
  • "Pinosol" is a herbal preparation that has an antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory effect.
  • Protargol is an antiseptic based on silver, it can be used in children.


In the nose, burning sensation often occurs because of an allergic reaction. Many people call it seasonal. With the flowering of certain plants, patients begin to suffer symptoms such as watering, runny nose, nasal congestion, sneezing, burning and itching in the nasal cavity.

Treatment of this condition should begin with the definition of its cause. If this is a reaction to the flowering of plants, then contact with them should be avoided. When an allergy is caused by perfumery or household chemicals - they are replaced by others that do not cause this reaction. Find out what exactly triggered the burning sensation in the nose, you can if you donate blood to the definition of allergens. For the treatment of allergies, oral medications are used: Zodak, Suprastin, Tavegil, Loratadin, and many others. Nasal drugs are divided into drugs of short and long-term use:

  • "Vibrocil" is a medicine that can be used for no more than 7 days.
  • "Nazivin" - an emergency aid, it is permissible to use 3 days.
  • "Allergodil" is an antihistamine, which is acceptable for children from the age of 4.
  • "Kromohexal" is a medicine, the effect of which is more noticeable with prolonged use.
  • "Fliksonase", "Avamis", "Knoxprey" - hormonal agents that exert anti-inflammatory and anti-histamine action.

Abuse of medicines

In the nose, burning sensation may appear due to taking some medications. Do not forget that all medicines have side effects. Some reactions are manifested by unpleasant sensations in the nasal cavity. If you have used a new drug, then you felt a scratch and itching, then you should immediately consult with your doctor. Further use of the drug may result in more pronounced reactions.

Uncontrolled and excessive use of certain nasal drugs provokes burning sensation in the nose. These drugs include vasoconstrictor drugs, corticosteroids, antiseptics and saline solutions.

Influence of external factors

If burning is present for a long time in the nose, and no ways help it get rid of, then it can be a negative influence of external factors. If you live in a dry climate, then this symptomatology will be a natural reaction. Without maintaining and constantly moisturizing the nasal passages, you are provided with frequent colds and infections.

Dry mucous membranes may be due to being in a heated room. In summer, the same negative effect has air conditioning. Heating and cooling devices can reduce air humidity by 20-30%, which can not pass without a trace for the human respiratory system. There is only one way out - to constantly moisten the room and use nasal drugs that normalize the mucosa.

Method of treatment

To eliminate burning sensation in the nose with a cold or dryness caused by any other reasons, you must adhere to certain rules.

  1. Rinse your nose every morning and evening. Use unconcentrated salt solutions "Aquamaris", "Rinostop", "Dolphin".
  2. Use anti-inflammatory herbal preparations. These include "Pinosol" and "Pinovit". Favorable effect on the mucosa is provided by inhalation pencils, for example, "Gold Star".
  3. Refuse vasoconstrictive drops, even if without them you can hardly breathe. They should be replaced initially with antihistamines, which are further excluded.
  4. Tampons with antimicrobial agents and glycerin will help to eliminate the pathogenic flora and moisten the nasal passages from the inside. Otolaryngologists prefer to prescribe for this purpose "Levomekol" ointment.

Do not forget about sufficient air humidification. If it is not possible to use a special humidifier, then regularly hang around the room with wet towels or diapers. Drink plenty of clean water. The volume of fluid consumed per day for an adult is at least two liters.

Folk remedies

To eliminate burning sensation in the nose, treatment is sometimes preferred by the folk. Patients are inclined to trust plant remedies and proven grandmother's recipes.

  • To wash the nasal passages, use a solution: on a liter of water, take a teaspoon of soda and salt. Effective antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory effect will have a chamomile broth.
  • Use aromatherapy. For carrying out you will need peach, sea buckthorn and eucalyptus oil. Heat the mixture and inhale several times a day.
  • Warm your nose. To do this, boil the egg, wrap it in a cloth and attach it to the nose.
  • Inhalations of steam warm the nasal passages and moisten the mucous membranes.
  • A mixture of olive oil and onion juice will relieve bacterial infection and break a blocked nose.

To sum up

Dryness and burning in the nose are accompanied by many diseases. To get rid of this symptom, you need to eliminate the cause of its appearance. Complex treatment, appointed by an otorhinolaryngologist, will eliminate unpleasant sensations in a short time. It is probably impossible to get rid of this problem on your own. Therefore, be sure to visit the doctor if there are complaints about poor health.

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