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Chris Pratt: biography, career, family

Chris Pratt is an American actor who gained fame mainly due to the dramatic television series "Love Widow", in which he played the main role. The most famous films with the actor's participation are the comedy horror "The Body of Jennifer", the action "The Guardians of the Galaxy", the sci-fi drama "The Passengers", the adventure thriller "The World of the Jurassic Period".


Chris Pratt was born in 1979 in Virginia (Minnesota). His parents had nothing to do with the movie - his mother worked as a cashier in a supermarket, his father was a miner. The future actor spent his childhood and youth in Washington. After graduation, he entered college, but did not last long. Leaving his studies, Chris was interrupted by casual earnings. At the age of 19 he was homeless, spent the night in a van or tent, lived on the island of Maui (Hawaii).

In 1999, one of the cafes of Maui Chris was spotted by the then popular actress Ray Don Chong, who was just looking for actors for her directorial debut, the short horror Cursed Part 3. It was with this film that Chris's career began in the film world.


In 2001, actor Chris Pratt performed his first role on television - appeared in one of the episodes of the criminal television series "The Huntress".

Chris's hour of glory came in a year. In 2002, he won a major role in the series "The Love of a Widower", which fell in love with audiences around the world. More than 5 million people watched this series. The role of Harold Abbott brought to the beginning actor Chris Pratt real glory.

In 2005, Chris played a small role in the comedy "Frivolous Life" American director Paul Dinello. The film was rather coldly received by critics.

From the filmography of Chris it is obvious that he prefers to appear in comedies, but his track record in the world of cinema consists not only of them. In 2008, the actor starred in the action movie "Particularly dangerous" Timur Bekmambetov, where he played a friend of the main character. The picture was very successful commercially - brought the studio $ 350 million with a "modest" budget of $ 75 million. Critics praised the film's story and strong cast.

In 2009, a new comedy by Gary Vinnik, "The War of Brides", starring Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway. The role of the second plan in the film - Fletcher Flamson - was performed by Chris Pratt. The filmography of the actor was supplemented by another comedy, which disliked critics. The verdict of ordinary kinomanov was softer - the picture received mixed reviews of the audience and raised more than $ 100 million at the box office.

A special place in the filmography of Pratt is the superhero action "Guards of the Galaxy" by James Gunn, in which Chris played the main role. The picture "Guardians of the Galaxy" has become one of the highest grossing in 2014 and, in addition to 773 million dollars, has gained the recognition of critics and numerous comic book fans. According to film critics, this film is the most successful in the career of Chris Pratt at the moment.

Personal life

In 2007, on the set of the comedy "Take me home" Chris Pratt met Anna Ferris, who played his girlfriend. Actors got engaged in the end of 2008 and soon got married. A lavish wedding was held in Bali.

In 2012, the couple had a son. The boy was called Jack.

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