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Pierce Brosnan: filmography. The best films and roles of Pierce Brosnan

Everyone knows the famous "Bondiana" - the history of the adventures of James Bond. In the title role, as a rule, charming charming men play. Bright events, incredible tricks and, of course, a beautiful girl at the end falls into the arms of Agent 007. Most A memorable performer of this role was the Irishman Pierce Brosnan. His filmography is full of films, box-office tickets are off scale. However, the life of the actor was extremely tragic, but still he still drives the women of the world mad.

Childhood and youth

The childhood of the famous actor was held in a not very prosperous environment. He was born in the city of Droer, which is in Ireland, in 1953. Almost immediately after his birth, his father left the family, and his mother had to go to work in London.

Remained with his grandparents, little Pierce missed his mother, who very rarely visited him. The meetings became even more rare after the death of his guardians. Aunt and uncle became new teachers, but they did not want to mess with the boy and gave him to the school of the Brothers of Christ. Until now, the references to religion in Pierce Brosnan have been associated with pain and humiliation, because rigor and corporal punishment were part of his teaching.

Eight years of waiting ended, and finally his mother returned. By the time she remarried and settled in England. The child began a completely different life. It was in London that he first encountered a movie. Already at the age of 16 he worked in a photo studio, and in parallel studied the art of painting. But one day he woke up with a clear realization that his vocation was to become an actor.

Three years of schooling drama did not go in vain. Each The play took place with the participation of Pierce Brosnan. He began to offer roles in the series, and it was on the set of one of them that he met his future wife, Cassandra. She was older than him and had already been married, but their brief meetings quickly grew into a great feeling, and in 1980 they played a wedding.

Carier start

Cassandra Harris always knew that Pierce was incredibly talented, so she strongly supported him and guided her. It was she who advised him not to stop at what had been achieved, but to go and conquer Hollywood. Together with his wife, he moved to America - a country of opportunities, where he was expected to be successful and popular.

Soon, actor Pierce Brosnan was invited to shoot in the TV series "Remington Steel". He perfectly coped with his role, he began to learn, and besides, he managed to get rich. The further rise of his popularity did not take long. Becoming a popular actor, he received more and more offers. What does his participation in the 1992 film "Lawnmower" or his duet with Robin Williams in "Mrs. Doubtfire" in 1993. It seemed that any role to him on the shoulder. All the films featuring Pierce Brosnan featured an interesting story and an excellent performance of the actors. But this is only the beginning of his paced career pace.

Agent 007

Who does not know the stories of James Bond, the most famous handsome spy? Pierce's wife was sure that this role was created for him. The only thing that, according to her, he lacked was the highly experienced look of a man who went through fire and water. Who, no matter how she, know this, because Cassandra was shot in "Agent 007" with Roger Moore.

Brosnan eventually came to this cult role, but in a very tragic way. After the death of his wife from cancer, he was left alone with three children and worked only to feed and support them. The bitterness of loss has done its work and added to the view of the actor that necessary zest. Noticing this, the producers grabbed hold of a new hero, the elegant, ironic and tough James Bond.

In fact, this role was Pierce's long-standing dream, but he did not even suspect that its realization would bring him unprecedented fame and wealth. Films with Pierce Brosnan from the "Agent 007" series had a tremendous success, after which he began to offer roles in the best films of Hollywood.

Further activities

During his life, the most recognizable actor of our time took part in the filming of a huge number of films. His image was formed by itself. His characters, like Rule, had unshakable masculinity, a hot heart, but at the same time a cold mind. But the films themselves have different genres. These are blockbusters, comedies, melodramas, and even kinomusic ("Mama Mia!").

Pierce Brosnan himself, whose filmography is quite extensive, was remembered by many in the image of the secret agent MI-6. In this role, he appeared on the screen four times, and so far he is considered the best performer of the role of Bond. The film "Die, but not now" is considered the most epic of the entire "Bond". He was shot to the 40th anniversary of the series, and the last time the main role played Pierce Brosnan.

The best films with his participation, if you do not take into account "Agent 007", are "Lawnmower", "The Mirror Has Two Face", the comedy "Mars Attacks!", "The Ghost", "Remember Me" and one of the latest works - " The Thomas Crown Affair. " Of course, on this list does not end, and anyone can call a film that he remembered.

Awards and merits

For his life, Pierce Brosnan received many awards and prizes, were among them and not particularly pleasant. For example, in 2008 he became the winner in the nomination "The worst male role of the second plan". But this is nothing compared to the four awards "Saturn", two "Golden Globes" and other merits of the actor.

Throughout the world, Pierce Brosnan Recognized as the best performer of the role of James Bond, and female spokesmen named him the sexiest man. Of course, the most significant achievement is the awarding to him of a star on the Walk of Fame for his contribution to the development of cinematography.

Personal life

Previously, a meeting with Brosnan's first wife was described, but this is not his only marriage. The death of a beloved, who died in his arms, knocked him out of the rut. For a long time the inconsolable widower was left alone, he devoted himself entirely to work and caring for children. Despite this, he was followed by the nickname "the main macho of Hollywood." Still, rich, attractive, with a wise look and a wounded heart, he was popular with girls.

Indeed, he had many women, all as a selection of famous actresses, but they were not destined to take a place in Pierce's soul. Only a journalist named Kelly Shane Smith remoteness to melt the heart of the famous actor. They were married only after the birth of their son, in 2001, the wedding was over In the homeland of Pierce, in Ireland. Now they are all together, a big and friendly family, living in California, on the ocean.

Children and the adopted

Pierce Brosnan was not at all embarrassed by the fact that his first wife already had children at the time of their wedding. He easily accepted Christopher and Charlotte and brought them up as his own, and soon they had a son, Sean. The latter followed in the footsteps of his father and is now busy in the filming of the film. Pierce supports him in every possible way.

All the children of Pierce Brosnan carry his name, and even after the death of his wife, he did not leave his adoptive son and daughter. The second marriage also brought replenishment in the family, they became the two sons of Dilon and Paris. The youngest is now 12 years old. The famous actor has always tried to find time to communicate with children. A terrible loss was the death of the daughter of Brosnen Charlotte in the summer of 2013. She died of ovarian cancer, as did her mother.

Other activities

Ever since his youth, the famous actor has shown a craving for drawing and even attended lessons at the London School of Art. Pierce Brosnan, whose filmography was expanding every year, was very busy on shootings, yet found time for his favorite thing. For today, having visited the peak He realizes himself as an artist. Precisely because he has not lost his talent, he is now selling his paintings, posting their photographs on his official website. In addition to his artistic work, Pierce is the producer of several films, in which he took part as an actor.


The actor's dream came true, he even managed to outshine the one who inspired him to love acting, Sean Connery. The whole world perceives him as a hero, thanks to the role of agent 007, but few people know that the heroism in his blood, not just on the screen. One day a minibus rolled on Uma Turman's set. Pierce showed courage and saved her.

At the moment, the actor is busy shooting in England and Serbia. In February, he visited the author's film festival in Berlin, where he appeared in a new role for himself, a man who wants to commit suicide. This year, the film "The Thomas Crown 2 Afera", in which not only played the main role, but acted as producer Pierce Brosnan, should appear. His filmography does not end here, let's hope that in the future he will continue to please us with interesting characters in his performance, as well as his paintings.

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