How to find out how much RAM is in your computer

RAM ... Another four years ago, its number in home computers rarely reached up to two gigabytes, and only four gigabytes of RAM could afford only the most wealthy comrades. No one then thought how to find out how much RAM in his computer, because every megabyte was on the account. And if you remember about its value, then it becomes clear that no one was in a hurry to upgrade. The very idea of increasing such an important parameter could seem blasphemous, since the cost of such manipulation was simply beyond the reach.

Fortunately, those days have passed. Now the home gaming desktop can easily be equipped with 16 GB of quality DDR3 memory without spending a lot of money on it. But if a new computer is bought by a newcomer, then often he does not even know the very notion of "RAM RAM", since he never encountered this.

Accordingly, when you run a game that is particularly demanding for games, often you get unpleasant situations when on a powerful computer it goes into the "slide show" mode. However, the RAM modules have a bad habit of failing quite often, because they are very sensitive to voltage drops and other incidents.

If this happened to you, then, first of all, you need to think about how to find out how much RAM your PC has available. It is not difficult to do this. Let's start with the simplest method. Take the mouse and right click it on the "My Computer" icon, which is practically on everyone's desktop. In the drop-down menu, click on the line with the name "Properties". The window for the properties of your system opens, in which you will find the line "Installed RAM". As you can see, even a beginner can learn the memory of a PC. This procedure is not complicated.

However, not everything and not always is so simple. The fact is that when you want to update the components of your computer, you will have to face the fact that these parts have many characteristics. And the volume among them is far from being the main indicator. When improving the performance of a PC or laptop, it is better not to ask yourself how to find out how much RAM, and think about its frequency, type, and manufacturer.

The fact is that today the market is dominated by DDR3 memory, but often there are also obsolete computers, whose motherboard "understands" only DDR2. Before upgrading, you need to know about which one your computer supports.

For this, it is more convenient to use utilities like HWiNFO64-32. This program is completely free and very easy to use. After launching it on the left side of the dialog box, find the line "Memory". After opening it (you just need to click on the small cross on the left), you easily recognize all the characteristics of the RAM installed in your computer.

So, do not think about how to find out how much RAM is in your computer, since it's extremely easy to find its characteristics.

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