Details on how to jailbreak iOS 9

In this article, we'll look at how to jailbreak IOS 9 (Pangu). An instruction devoted to solving this problem will be given below. The corresponding solution was released by hackers one month after the release of the official version of iOS 9.


So, to solve the question: "How to jailbreak IOS 9 1?", You can use the Pangu9 tool, compatible with Windows. A similar possibility is opened for any devices that are controlled by the current version of the operating system from Apple. Full Pangu compatibility with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Also, this manual will be relevant for those who are wondering how to jailbreak IOS 9 0 2. In addition, experts recommend upgrading the device to the specified version before proceeding to further steps. Note that this is better not done through the settings. The best option is to update with iTunes and the IPSW file.

"Find the iPhone"

To solve the question "How do I jailbreak IOS 9 0 2?" We need: the Pangu application, iTunes, a computer running Windows, an Internet connection, an Apple device. So, we turn to the practical part of the solution to the question: "How do I jailbreak IOS 9?". Download Pangu for Windows. Make sure that we have the latest version of the iTunes application. Turn off the service called "Find the iPhone". Without this, the task will not be solved. Open the iCloud section. Look for the "Find the iPhone" function. We translate the corresponding pointer into the "Off" position.

Basic Steps

Let's proceed to the next stage of the solution of the question: "How to jailbreak IOS 9?". If there is active protection on the device, open the "Password" section. Go to the Touch ID. Disable the protection. At the next stage of the solution of the question: "How do I jailbreak IOS 9?", We are interested in "Aircraft". It must also be disabled. Next, connect the device to the computer. Start Pangu. It must be done on behalf of the administrator. The application recognizes the device, as well as the OS version. After that, Jailbreak Ready appears. Remove the tick PP. Press the Start button. We get to the next screen. Push the button on the right. Pangu offers to make sure that all necessary preparations have been made. After that, the application starts jailbreak. 65% of the device will reboot. The system will offer to activate the "Air mode". We expect to reach the level of 75%. We launch the Pangu application from the home screen of our mobile device. Click Accept. After that, use the OK button. This will allow the app to access your photos. After completing this operation, our device will be restarted again. The Cydia icon appears on the screen. The problem is solved.

additional information

You already know how to jailbreak IOS 9, but there are a few more important points to look out for. If you are using iPad 2 and iPhone 4s, experts do not recommend upgrading to the ninth version of the platform. Such actions can lead to the fact that the mobile device will start to discharge quickly and work extremely slowly. In this case, you can not return an earlier version of the platform after the upgrade.

Do not forget to back up data in iTunes and iCloud. It must be done before the update process begins. At this stage, everything happens quickly enough. The update process takes, as a rule, no more than fifteen minutes. The developers of Pangu warn that the entire responsibility for the result of using the tool is assigned to the user, and the procedure can lead to a complete loss of data. During all the steps of the above instructions, do not close the Pangu application and disconnect the device.

The best confirmation that the process of interest to us was successful, is the appearance on the desktop of the Cydia icon. However, to confirm that everything was done right, you can and in another way. To do this, restart the Pangu application. Connect the device with USB. The program will inform you that the jailbreak has already been performed.

Note that the first time to perform the operation of interest to us is not always obtained. Windows may crash. However, it's not scary. At some point, the application will still report that the process has completed successfully.

Note also that instead of Cydia, the Pangu icon can remain on the device's desktop. If individual messages from the system are delayed on the screen for more than ten minutes without any changes, it is quite possible that an error occurred and the process must be repeated from the very beginning. In any case, in practice it is proved that jailbreak iOS 9 works.

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