Enter quotes on the keyboard easily and simply!

In the article that is presented to you, the main ways of typing quotes on the keyboard are described. Based on the strengths and weaknesses of each method, recommendations are given for their use in each specific case.

Kinds of quotes

First, let's look at what quotes are. Conditionally they are divided into two types: "paws" (the second name is "German") and "fir-trees" (they are also called "French"). In the first case there are two commas located on the upper border of the text. Most often they are used for manual writing of text. The second option, called "Christmas trees", is a pairwise grouped characters less (open the text) and more (close it). This option is used in the professional design of text in specialized applications (for example, in brochures, books or promotional brochures).


There are several ways to set quotes on the keyboard:

  • Using special shortcuts.
  • Using a specialized character window in the word processor "Word".
  • Applying the symbol table.
  • Using the ASKI code table.

Each of the ways has both strengths and weaknesses. It is based on their relationship, you can give the correct recommendations for their use.

Keyboard and Languages

For the quotes themselves, there is no separate key on the keyboard. It is also natural - not so often such a character is typed. For these purposes, their combination is used. And the key combination changes depending on the active language at the moment. The dialing algorithm in this case is as follows:

  • We move the cursor to the place where you want to enter such a symbol.
  • Determine the current active language (this can be done using the language bar in the lower right corner of the screen).
  • Hold the Shift soft key and do not release it.
  • If the Russian is active, then press "2". In the English version, the Russian "e" is used.
  • After that, we release both keys and this sign should appear in the work area.

This is the simplest and most universal way to put quotes on the keyboard. It works in all, without exception, applications. But he has one significant drawback. So you can type only the classic "paws", but the "Christmas tree" can not be entered. If this option is suitable, then you can use this method.

Clipboard and Word

Another way to enter such characters is to use the word processor "Word". In it, you can use the previously listed keyboard shortcuts. Only in the case of the English language will appear the symbol "", and for the Russian - "Christmas trees". But there is an alternative way to enter. To do this, we perform the following actions:

  • In the open window of the word processor "Word" we go to the "Insert" tab.
  • In the "Symbol" field, we find the same drop-down menu.
  • Then choose "Other Symbols".
  • Using the navigation keys, we find the required variant of quotes and mark them with a marker.
  • Press "Tab" until the marker goes to the "Run" button.
  • Then click "Enter".
  • We move with the help of "Tab" to the "Close" button and press "Enter" again.

This is a more complicated way of typing quotes on the keyboard. In addition, special software is required - the word processor "Vord". But at the same time the user has the opportunity to choose the type of quotation marks.

symbol table

Another answer to the question "Where are the quotes on the keyboard Hiding? "Is the use of a symbol table. In this case, you must perform the following procedure:

  • Run this utility. The easiest way to find it is using the search bar. In it, and type: "Table of symbols." Then press "Enter".
  • At the end of the search, we find the program in the list and start it (for example, by clicking the mouse or using the "Enter" key).
  • In the window that opens, use the navigation keys to find the correct quote (German or French) and copy it to the clipboard using the "Ctrl" and "C" keys.
  • The next step is to go to the application we need. If it was already running, then use the "Alt" and "Tab" keys. Otherwise, open it through the menu "Start \ Programs".
  • At the next stage, we perform the insertion procedure. To do this, press "Ctrl" and "V".

The previously mentioned key combinations need to be pressed only on the English keyboard layout. Otherwise, you will not succeed.

ASKI codes

Another method is based on the use of ASIC-codes. In this case, the quotes on the keyboard are typed using special sets of numbers. The algorithm for entering such symbols is as follows:

  • Turn on the Num Look key if it is not active (its LED should be lit).
  • We press the "Alt" key on the right side of the keyboard and do not release it.
  • On the numeric keypad, type the character code. Before entering the digital code, you must press "+" and "0". The code for "" is "34". To open the "French" quotation marks, "171" is used, and for closing "187".
  • Let's release "Alt" - and everything is ready.

The universal method, while simple enough. And besides, there is the possibility of choosing a type to be recruited. The disadvantage in this case is one - it is necessary to remember special codes. And this is not always convenient.


Within the framework of this article, the main ways of setting quotes on the keyboard have been described in detail. When working in the word processor "Word" it is most rational to use standard keyboard shortcuts. At the same time, we do not forget that in the English version, "paws" are introduced, and in Russian - "Christmas trees". But in all other cases it is better to use the symbol table or ASKI-codes. So you can choose exactly the sign that you need.

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