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"28 weeks later." Continuation in active development phase

Apocalyptic thriller "28 Days Later" (IMDb: 7.60) from the director of the cult drama "On the Needle" by Danny Boyle and screenwriter Alex Garland served as convincing evidence that zombies have always been and remain in the trend.

A win-win franchise

The immediate sequel to the 2002 film is the film "28 Weeks Later" (IMDb: 7.00), directed by the Spaniard Juan Carlos Fresnadillo, who broke into the world of big cinema in 2000 with his "Intacto". Every lover of zombie movies had no difficulty in answering the question: "28 weeks later" - the continuation of which movie? "- as the popularity of the second part was off scale, and the title featured the cherished figure. In addition, the Spanish director was able not only to not lower the level of franchising, but also in some places to surpass the original. Since the sequel broke all records at the box office, the fans of the film "28 Weeks Later" continued the story ready to be met with enthusiasm in the near future. The media was full of Danny Boyle's statements in the 2007 tape as an executive producer that the creators are planning to produce a new part of the franchise with a figure of "28". There were rumors that the shooting process would take place on the vast expanses of the Russian Federation.

Rather live than dead ...

The situation radically changed after two years after the premiere of "28 weeks later". Continuation of the trash epic could not take place, as in 2009 the film studio Fox Atomic was eliminated, which was engaged in the production of a new part. All the working materials were purchased by another studio, and the date of the premiere was placed under a big question.

Two years later, in the foreign press, "information" that work on trikvel production was renewed "sparkled" and its appearance would explode the world of cinema in 2013. Prominent fans of the picture "28 Weeks Later" the continuation of the film would be perceived as the manna of heaven, but their hopes were not justified. However, information about the closure of the project, as well as a clearly marked exit date, was not published.

In early 2015, scriptwriter of the first film Alex Garland gave a public interview to the IGN website, in which he announced the beginning of serious negotiations on the production of trikvel. In support of his words, he told the details of his meeting with producer Andrew McDonald and director Danny Boyle. Therefore, for those cinephiles who have not forgotten "28 weeks later", the sequel can become a valuable gift. The probability of its appearance is quite large. At the meeting of the creators, even the working title was mentioned - "28 months later".

A small snag

Now the probability of waiting for a trickle became much closer. Danny Boyle recently said that he is 50% sure that the work on the next part will go into the active phase. According to him, only one thing can be a hindrance - if suddenly zombies stop being a trend. According to the director, he doubts that the zombie concept has lost its appeal to the audience, the confirmation is the success of a number of film projects of our time: "The War of the Worlds Z", "Walking Dead", "Resident Evil: The Last Chapter", "Pride and Prejudice and zombies "," Reportage: Apocalypse "and" Heat of our bodies ".

However, everything is transitory in our world. It's been nine years since the release of "28 weeks later". Continuation of "28 months later" could already several years triumphantly march along the screens of cinemas, and the epic for such an impressive time could become a quadrology. But it's still there ...

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