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Street in Poker: the rules of the game

Dro-poker is the forerunner of all modern poker types. They can play from 2 to 7 people. One of them will be a dealer. He will act as a dealer in the casino, that is, distribute cards and set the first bet. After each game, the dealer changes. 5 cards are dealt to each player. So, the game time has gone; But how to play?

How to play poker?

In fact, in the game of poker there is nothing complicated. All you need is to study the combinations that bring the win, know the rules of the game and build the strategies of your behavior.

At the beginning of the game, a fee is paid for participating in the handout - it's called an ante. Further, the auction begins. All in the order of the queue, starting with the dealer, or bet, or fold.

After the auction, players can change or several cards, or all 5 simultaneously, for 1 time. Now the players are looking at how strong their combination is, and whether to further risk. If the player does not like the layout, he has the right to pass. But when the combination is worthwhile, you can raise the bet. After the rates are agreed, all the cards are opened.

Combinations of cards

Consider all combinations of cards. They go by seniority. That alignment, which is the least likely to happen, is the strongest one, and it defeats other players. All other players give the pot to the winner.

So, let's start with the simplest, absolutely no winning combination - the highest card, and get to the flush of the grand piano.

  • The highest card. All cards of different dignity and suit. There is one king, a lady, or one any card older than the others, who will participate in the drawing.
  • A pair. Two cards of the same "weight" in draw poker. That is, two dozen, for example.
  • Two pairs. Already there are two cards of the same value on their hands.
  • Three (or Seth). These are 3 identical cards. And the other two are not taken into account. This alignment is already "stronger" than the previous 2 pairs.
  • Straight. Five cards have a strictly consecutive value, but different suit. Street in poker can be different. Can begin with 9 and end with the king. And this alignment is not the weakest. Street in poker comes across quite often, because such combinations can be collected several. Therefore, many bet on the end much, after seeing 3 or 4 cards in a row at the first hand.
  • Flash. A flush is a suited layout. All 5 cards must be of the same suit, but there may be different values.
  • Full house. This is the name of a combination of 3 cards of the same value, and 2 - of another.
  • Kare (four). When in the hands 4 cards of one "weight" from 5 gathered. The oldest four - 4 aces. The probability of such a "gift" of fate is not so great from 52 cards - 13 of the same suit, and on the hands - 5. Jokers do not use casinos in the casino.
  • Straight flush in poker "can not be changed". This is a combination of 5 cards in order, and one suit. But without an Ace.
  • Royal Street flush in poker is the oldest combination. This straight of the same suit must begin with 10 and ends with an ace.

The more experience a player has, the better he already knows which combination can be calculated after the exchange of cards. After all, the cards that have been exchanged are out of the game. You can try to calculate the probability, but often in the game you have to rely on the case.

Street in Poker

Since a straight occurs quite often, and its combinations can be many, let us dwell on its study in more detail. Types of straights in poker are different, it all depends on the dignity of cards and suit. All of them need to be demarcated to players to know exactly which layout is leading in the "battle". Let's start with a simple, that is, the smallest in value and strength:

  1. Iron Street. Begins with an ace, after which comes 2, 3, 4 and 5. The weakest of all straights.
  2. The usual straight. Any 5 cards are consistent.
  3. Royal Street (or else called Street Flush). A very rare combination of cards, which has already been described.
  4. Royal straight flush. No older combination.

According to statistics, the probability of such a combination as the Royal Street flush is very small. It can fall into the hands of a man only once or twice in his entire life.

How to judge the same combination?

There are situations in poker when players have the same layouts on their hands. But still, in order to resolve the disputable situations somehow, there are rules that govern the outcome of the game. Always winning is the combination where the cards are older.

For example, if two players in poker have a straight combination, then the players will divide the pot in half. But if the players have full house, the winner is the one with the top three. If both of the four - who are older than the dignity of these cards. When exactly the same two pairs fall out, the player with the top 5 card wins. The same rules apply to any kind of poker.

Types of Poker

The more the popularity of the game grew, the more varied the rules became, in each country they prefer their own version of poker. Now the most popular types of games:

  1. Texas Holdem.
  2. Dro-poker.
  3. Omaha.

American Texas Holdem - the most common and gambling of all. Played in several rounds - must pass 4 rounds of bidding, before the cards are opened. After each betting, that is, after each round, 1 common card is opened. Two cards are issued on hand. The remaining cards are common.

All the same combinations in poker: a combination of straight, flush, full house - all existing in draw poker, they work here too. Only to collect them it is necessary from 7 cards, instead of from 5. Here there are separate rules of the auctions.

Basic strategy of the game

Not everyone can play properly. To successfully master the game you need to maintain a certain strategy. The most basic of them, which allows beginners to navigate during bargaining, is a strategy of slow waiting.

This means that if you have a good card, do not rush to put a lot at once. Otherwise, you can immediately lose. It is necessary to find out first which card fell out the other. And this can be done, judging by the intentions of rivals. The plans of other players can also be displayed on the face.

Easily coping with the basic strategy, you can explore others and find the most beloved. But to begin to master poker it is necessary from it, then the player immediately understands the psychological mood of the opponents. Sitting at the table, he assesses whether it is possible to bluff with them, or play hard, or continue the wait-and-see strategy. But before planning a strategy, it is important to remember all the combinations for a memory. It is necessary to orient yourself without mistakes: what does the combination of quads mean, what does it mean in straight poker, flush, and so on.

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