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Choose the style of the interior. Moroccan style

Moroccan style came to us from Africa. Today it is the most exotic of all. It perfectly blends east and west. He collected the traditions of the decor of Greece, France, the Arab peoples and Spain. And it is precisely the fact that the strictness of the West's lines and the elegance of the East are so remarkably adjacent to it became the basis of such an unusual style.

What colors are typical of the Moroccan style

The interior, decorated with the application of this design, is characteristic of all the colors of Africa, or rather nature. Here you can find sand, and red, and green tones. But at the same time, the colors of the East coexist perfectly: gold, scarlet, rich blue. Having experienced the influence of Asia, the Moroccan style in the interior, the photo of which amazes imagination, absorbed and white color. Fabulously and unusually beautifully looks bright unusual furniture and decoration items on completely white walls and floors.

Apartment in Moroccan style: what to use for the floor?

The choice of a floor covering is caused by climatic features of the country, which comes from this version of the finish. And since it is very hot in Africa, the stone was traditionally used for the floor - it is cold, but at the same time insanely beautiful. If you are not a fan of this material, then choose the laminate for a tree. This is also a good option. True, basically for complete harmony a rough floor board is used, but parquet or laminate is also suitable. But still better to choose floor tiles from porcelain stoneware with an interesting design. And in addition, you can perfectly complement the interior, if you lay on the floor additional patterns of color mosaic. By the way, do not forget about the carpet. It should be luxurious and preferably handmade. After all, like all the styles of the interior, the Moroccan style does not forgive the misses. So, everything should be luxurious and natural.

Wall decoration

Many styles of interior do not tolerate mismatches, Moroccan style in this series occupies almost the first place. As you know, in the East the walls were plastered. At the same time, they became like marble. Nowadays, this effect can be achieved with decorative plaster. If you do not want to waste time and energy creating such a splendor, you can simply plaster the walls and paint them. Colors are better to choose bright or simple white. And another nuance that does not accept other styles of interior (the Moroccan style in this respect is attractive) is the presence of niches in the walls. They perfectly replace many shelves and cabinets, which we are so used to.


It must be carved and elegant. One of the inherent attributes of style can be called a pouf. It is very comfortable to sit on, and it gives originality to the interior. Another mandatory attribute - the chests. They can be small, like a casket, and large. They sit or store things inside. In any case, this will be unusual and attractive. Forging must be necessary in this style of interior. Tables, benches or benches with forged twisted legs will give the room the right mood. And the lamp in the oriental style will not only be able to illuminate the room in the dark, but will also create an atmosphere of mystery and magic that already soak up the Moroccan style.

Let's sum up the results

So, many of the things listed above do not accept other interior styles. Moroccan style without them is simply unthinkable. That is why, if you are an ardent admirer of the East and can not live without his attributes, this variant of design was created especially for you.

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