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Hand care at home: how to keep their youth?

Perhaps you know the beautiful Yasmina Rossi, a woman who, at 56, wins her beauty. Of course, her appearance is also excellent natural data. But, besides this, the reason is that she worked all her life as a model, and this forces her to keep herself in good shape and take care of herself carefully.

The only thing that, no, does not betray, but hints at her age - this is the skin around the eyes, neck and hands. It is these three points worth paying special attention to.

Many women are interested in caring for their hands at home, because even weekly trips to beauty salons are clearly not enough. Here we give a complete program of home care for hands, which not only helps prevent their aging, but also relieves dryness and rudeness.

So, caring for your hands at home includes several important steps.


This is usually not paid much attention. Many women believe that using a hand cream for the night is enough. Although before applying the product on the face, they thoroughly cleanse the skin and tone it, so that the cream is absorbed better. Proper cleansing of the hands is also very important. Often the cause of dryness is the wrong choice of soap or gel for hands. It is better to choose a natural soap that contains useful oils, but you need to keep in mind that it requires a special soap box and costs more. After washing, you can get your hands wet with a towel and, without waiting for unpleasant sensations, immediately apply any moisturizing cream. It is also desirable to purchase an antibacterial hand gel or antiseptic, which you can always keep in your purse.

Even in the arsenal it is necessary to have scrubs for hands. They are easy to prepare at home:

1. Scrub from oat flakes. It's very simple: usual oatmeal flakes boil with boiling water and, without waiting, when they are cooked, a little diluted with cold water. Then this mixture needs to massage the skin of the hands. Oatmeal gently scrub and perfectly softens, you immediately feel the effect. Such a scrub can be used daily, because it is very soft.

2. Scrub from the coffee grounds. Just coffee grounds as a scrub is not suitable, but it can be mixed with liquid soap, even better with natural oil: olive, apricot, peach. But we must bear in mind that the oil is more difficult to wash. Such a scrub is applied several times a week.

3. Sugar Scrub. In the usual sugar is added honey, you can buy in the pharmacy ampoules with vitamins A and E. The hands are massaged for five minutes, sugar acts as a scrubbing particle, honey nourishes the skin of the hands. Sugar scrub, like coffee, is also quite aggressive, you can do it two or three times a week.

You can add a little lemon juice to the mixture, if you need to whiten the skin and nails, do scrubs on the base cream or sour cream if the skin is sensitive.

Hand care at home - hand masks

In order to get rid of peeling, dryness, a sense of tightness, make softening and moisturizing masks.

1. Oil masks. It is not necessary to interfere with something complicated on the basis of oils. It is enough to put on your hands at night any suitable oil and put on cotton gloves. The most suitable oils: olive, linseed, mango oil, shea butter. The last two are solid, they can be useful for the care of dry skin not only on the hands. In the oil, you can add a few drops of vitamins A or E, but these products themselves contain many useful substances and can eliminate even severe dryness in two to three uses.

2. Warm compresses. Heat increases the effect of any vegetable oil. Take three pieces of butter and one piece of honey, heat on a water bath. To the touch, the mixture should be pleasantly hot. Apply to problem areas, wrap gauze and wear fabric gloves or mittens. Hold for 20-30 minutes, rinse, apply moisturizer.

In general, for the care of hands can be done any masks designed for very dry skin, including purchased ones. If there are no special problems, then choose a mask to your liking and do it once or twice a week. This is a distinctive prevention of dryness and peeling.

Hand care at home - baths

For the trays you can use ingredients, of which it is difficult to make a mask. For example:

1. Beer bath for hands. Beer heats up, the flowers of chamomile are added to it, the mixture needs to be insisted a little. When it cools down to a pleasant heat, you need to hold your hands in it for 15 minutes. Chamomile disinfects, softens and soothes the skin, prevents the appearance of burrs, beer contains vitamin B, which is also called a vitamin of beauty.

2. Herbal baths. Their recipes are many. Chamomile, mint, linden, flaxseed perfectly soften, oak bark removes redness, St. John's wort, dog rose, cranberries feed. You can buy ready-made herbal mixtures. Prepare the bathtub just: you have to pour a glass of boiling water 2 tablespoons of chopped grass, insist for 20 minutes. Keep your hands in the broth, brought to a pleasant warm temperature, it takes about 15-20 minutes.

After such trays, your hands need to get wet with a towel and apply a lot of nourishing cream. These procedures are done on demand or every other day by 10-15-time courses.

Home hand cream

Hand cream, and indeed any cream, make it more difficult at home than, say, lip balm. Here is one original and, most importantly, a simple recipe for a home hand cream, which has already been tested by more than one user. Its composition is as simple as the effect is stunning!

So, you need the following ingredients:

1. Children's body lotion "Johnsons Baby".

2. Vitamin E, can be in capsules or cream-based.

3. Vaseline.

Components can be mixed by eye. The main thing is not to overdo it with vitamin E, its recommended concentration can always be looked at in the instructions. Vaseline is added solely for consistency, because the baby lotion for the body is too thin and light for the adult skin.

All components are thoroughly beaten with a whisk or even a mixer and spread out into comfortable bubbles.

This is the regular care for hands at home. Why is it necessary for every woman? On the skin of the hands are very few sebaceous glands (just like on the skin around the eyes and around the neck), so even if you do not work your hands from morning till night, they will inevitably age faster. Of course, all these recipes will help if peeling of the hands and dryness are not related to internal problems, for example, with a lack of vitamin A.

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