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Building a house or overhauling is rarely done without the use of different kinds of sawnwood. They are used in rough construction works, more expensive options are used for interior decoration. The floor is also traditionally covered with wood. This has arisen since ancient times and has not lost relevance today, on the contrary, wooden floors - a sign of good taste and prosperity of the owners. Good materials are quite expensive, but not one From modern technologies that imitate wood, can not create the effect of warmth and comfort, stability and reliability that the wooden floor provides . It is also the most environmentally friendly material of all possible - the floorboard is made of solid wood, the parquet board is made of several layers of wood glued together.

The floorboard can be used for living quarters, children's institutions, sports and dance halls. Due to the considerable thickness (from 20 to 50 mm), this material withstands multiple cycles, which makes the life of its very long. Common materials for making this type of sawn timber are pine and hardwoods such as oak and ash.

In the manufacture of this building material, the wood is processed for a long time: first, the boards are prepared with the necessary thickness and width, then they are dried in a special chamber, where they are brought to a certain humidity level (8-12%). During the drying process, some boards crack, twist, and show other defects. Such specimens are discarded, and the rest are processed on milling equipment (for cutting the lock with which they are connected together), adjusted to the required dimensions and ground. As a result, the floorboard is obtained.

Pine and larch are the most common tree species that are used to make it. The most democratic in price is a pine board, but this wood is quite soft, and in the process of exploitation on the floor may appear Dents. Of course, they can be eliminated with the help of a loop, but often you will not do it - it's not cheap, and uncomfortable. Therefore, if possible, it is better to choose larch. This wood has a high density, beautiful texture and high resistance to abrasion. The service life of products from larch can be estimated for centuries. For example, houses made of this material are up to 300 years old, what about the floor covering, for which the floorboard was used! Larch is an excellent choice. It produces beautiful, reliable, durable floors.

Any of the materials except the pros also has disadvantages. The shortcomings of the floorboard can be attributed to the high cost and need for careful care. In addition to regular rubbing with special compounds, it is necessary to periodically cycle and update the lacquer coating. Another unpleasant moment is the change in the size of the wood: if it lacks moisture, it shrinks, and when it is excess, it swells. Because of these processes, crevices are formed between the boards. But even in spite of these shortcomings, the floorboard is one of the best materials for the installation of floor coverings.

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