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Irina Farion: biography, family and most famous statements

All the secret will eventually become clear ... Who is she - Irina Farion? Biography, activities, statements - all this you will find in our article. We only present facts, but draw conclusions to you, dear readers.

brief information

Farion Irina Dmitrievna, born in 1964. - native of the city of Lviv (Lviv region, Western Ukraine). Political, public figure. At the moment - a member of the party "Freedom". In 2012, she became a deputy of the Verkhovna Rada (the 116th constituency in the Lviv region). Chairman of the Committee of Science and Education. Worship is Greek Catholicism. The main ideas: anti-communism, Ukrainization, nationalism, Russophobia.


Date of birth - April 29, 1964.

In the eighties he became the leader of a circle of Marxist-Leninist aesthetics and general linguistics. In parallel, he works in the Club of International Friendship. Periodically conducts conversations with citizens of other countries. In 1987 he graduated from the State University in Lviv and became a certified Ukrainian philologist. After defending his Ph.D. thesis and obtaining a Ph.D. in Philology (1996), he is appointed head of the Language Commission (Lviv Polytechnic). Author of many articles and monographs. Laureate of two serious Ukrainian awards: him. Girnyka (2004) and him. Grinchenko (2008).

But is Irina Farion so pure and perfect? Her biography, as it turns out, has many "cloudy" spots ...

A family

About the family, the information is very, very scarce. Farion does not advertise his origin. Perhaps there are reasons for that. The statement of the Russophobic that the true nationality should not be checked, but demonstrated, suggests that perhaps many bloggers and authors of articles about it were right, calling it a Jew. In fact, if you really dig a little history, the name "pannochki" is clearly not Russian. The word "pharyon" is found only in Yiddish. In translation means "rogue" (a person cheating for profit). It turns out that the true nationality of Irina Farion - a Jew? Not the fact (the secret is hidden behind the tightest nationalist curtain with a thick layer of dust), but the probability is huge. The localities (settlements) of Rzeczpospolita, which included the Right Bank Ukraine, were settled by Jewish shopkeepers, usurers and artisans expelled from the principalities of Germany. By the way, from there the well-known socialists of the 19th and 20th centuries (again, the true Jews - Blank, Ulyanov, etc.)

About who Irina's parents were, too, there is no information. It is known only that the father comes from the village of Sokol (Mostysky district), the mother from the village of Busovisko (Starosamborskiy district). Both are from the Lviv region (Western Ukraine).

Sister Martha is an employee of the City Hall of Chicago and part-time - a friend of former Ambassador Miller.

The daughter of Irina Farion, Sofia, managed to become famous for the scandal, arranged for the media workers. The girl was extremely offended by the fact that she was "called" by a non-Ukrainian name and sued the newspaper "High Castle".

Farion was married to Semchishin Ostap, born in Lviv, in 1967. Repeatedly involved in criminal proceedings. In 2010, Farion filed for divorce.

Political career

  • In 2005 he became a member of the Freedom association.
  • In 2006-2007 years. - candidate for People's Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of "Freedom" (it was listed under the third number).
  • Member of the Lviv regional council.
  • Since 2012 the People's Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of the Seventh convocation.

Lies for salvation?

What about the deputy Irina Farion at first did not say that she stubbornly denied and in what she finally confessed, having managed to distort the reality again? Was, was still torn piece of life! The page, which was not simply not advertised, but was diligently hushed up. It turns out that in April 1987, while still a laboratory assistant, she applied for membership in the CPSU (partkarta No. 08932425). A year later it was admitted to the Party (case No. 258, inventory 2, fund P92, Lviv regional archive). Left the ranks of the CPSU immediately after the failed coup GKChP. Irina Farion herself (photo presented in the article) for a long time denied her involvement in the CP and recognized her membership only in 2013, stepping back in front of a wall of evidence built by journalists. The oil was added to the fire by former teacher of the University of Lviv Anatoly Atamanchuk, who gave an interview to journalist Anatoly Sharia in 2012 . Below is the content of this conversation.

Revealing interview

When the journalist asked how true the rumors about the fact that Farion was in the party, the former teacher answered that she was the head of the department (Ukrainian) and the only one in the whole faculty who was a member of the CPSU. Was part of the party bureau philofaka. At the meetings the tone was set by Irina Farion, sharply condemning those who were not faithful to the CP.

Of course, it was also about personal life, about the relationship of Farion in the student years. According to Anatoly Atamanchuk, she "of course," excellent "studied, was pretty face, but with crooked little legs ..." The former teacher hinted ambiguously that the student from chastity was far away and could maintain close relations with many teachers, But immediately realized, saying that in no case does not condemn Farion, since the Communists also have the right to love.

The journalist clarified and the time when it was "Mrs. Irina" who joined the ranks of the CPSU. It turns out that Farion was admitted to the party even before entering the institute. According to the teacher, he met her when Farion was in her third year, in 1983. She was a member of the party, the headman. "Knocked," but then it was the norm for party members. Allegedly she wrote that Farion was the surname of her husband. What is not true, her husband was not. Surname of a girl. With her work in graduate school, the teacher was not familiar. When she left the party, I did not know either. Nevertheless, I assumed that I did not officially go out, maybe I'm implementing a part-project on implementation.

The question arises: "If Farion is a Communist, why does not anyone tell about it openly?" If she is really convinced and, in fact, repainted, then she is dangerous for "Freedom" too. After all, most of the Lviv people are aware of its history.

Atamanchuk noted that Lviv is a specific city, where hereditary intellectuals practically do not exist, since Jews were killed in the war, the Poles left. The place of the departed was occupied by the village ones. And decent people, from his point of view, are newcomers. But they keep silent because her classmates are in the West, and those who stayed are the same as Farion.


By the way, they were enough. Irina Farion managed to light up not only in the role of the accuser, but also the accused. Let us dwell only on one sensational trial.

In 2010, almost all media, including Ukrainian ones, are discussing Russophobia. The explosion of emotions provoked a video in which Farion chastised the children for what they called Russian names, advising those who do not get right, to collect their bags and leave Ukraine: "Never call Marichka Masha, if it's Masha, then go there, where These Masha live! " As a result of the five-minute conviction of the children that Russian names are only for Russians, Irina Farion asked: "Do not take turns and do not spell Ukrainian names!"

Of course, the children told about the visit of the "strange aunt" to their parents. And, naturally, moms and dads were outraged by the behavior of the deputy and decided to file a lawsuit against her for discrimination. To which Pharion said that she did not want to offend the children, but "our names are not appropriate for adapting to the phonetic system of Russians!" Her speeches, addressed to children, aroused indignation not only among parents, but also among psychologists, the media, and politicians. For insulting the children at Farion filed.


Thanks to swearing, you can quickly become famous. And remember. The most effective way of PR. Deputy Irina Faryon, apparently, knew about this. Also used. For how can you explain such a number of scandals arranged by her? Perhaps, for the general picture, it is enough to consider the last three years of its stormy activity. So:

1. June 2010 - Farion states that Ukrainians who consider Russian to be a native language are degenerates, and they need to be held accountable.

2. June 2012 - Russophobic seeks to dismiss a taxi driver who refused to switch from a wave of Russian radio.

3. In the same year, at a meeting of the Regional Council in Lviv, Farion said roughly the following: "Where did the Russian language come from?" Who sowed it? What shit did he grow up in? "

4. May 2013 - at a passing mourning rally the deputy stated that never a Soviet victory would be a victory for the Ukrainian one.

5. June 2013 - Farion wrote a statement to the SBU, accusing the treason of 148 people's deputies who turned to Poland with a request to recognize the genocide of the Volyn tragedy. Some deputies (including Pyotr Simonenko) lamented at the time that medicine had not reached the point of brain transplantation.

6. March 2013 - Alexander Zubchevsky (communist) sues Farion, demanding compensation for moral damage for gross insult. The court satisfies the claim in September of the same year and obliges Russophobus to pay 20,000 UAH. To Zubchevsky. Farion demonstratively refuses to pay, calling the Russian-speaking Zubchevsky "a creature."

7. April 2014 - Russophobic is outraged by the fact that some speeches in the Verkhovna Rada are heard in Russian: "In a foreign language, they say either louts or invaders. Hamov simply sent, and the occupiers must be shot! "

8. Then about the protests in the south-eastern part of Ukraine: "These creatures ... deserve only death!"

Close ties

  • Sidor Kizin. Co-organizer of the Order of Ukrainian Scoutguards, a specialist in the stock market and securities, co-founder of the Lustration organization, a member of the Freedom Party. Party lawyer.
  • Rostislav Martinyuk. Political technologist of "Freedom". TV journalist.
  • Yuri Mikhalchishin. Member of the Freedom.
  • Oleg Tyagnibok. A native of the city of Lviv. Higher honey. education. Creator of the "Student Brotherhood". Member of SNPU. Candidate for mayor of Kiev. Candidate for the presidency of Ukraine (2010, 2014). "Svobodovets". People's Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada.

Vivid statements

There were a lot of them, as well as scandals. Probably, if we put together all that Irina Farion had time to "get", it would be possible to shoot an endlessly long series about the modern hybrid of nationalism (or even chauvinism) and liberalism. In order to add another ambiguous touch to her portrait, even a couple of her applications are enough. Judge for yourself.

January, 2013 The ideological Farion, having energized the power of the torchlight procession in honor of Bandera, stated that it is impossible for anyone to stop the banditization of Ukraine.

October, 2013 Fariion declares (all in the same tone) that the Ukrainian generation will continue the nationalist struggle against the enemies of the people, who appeared today in the face of "gangster regionalism", "rotten liberalism" and "pathological communism". Ukraine, in her opinion, has two enemies: the Russian-speaking population, which is corrupting the society from within, and Russia itself.

Well-known statements by Irina Farion:

  • "Bilingualism was not built historically, it turned out to be a legacy of genocide, Moscow occupation, mixed marriages, migration ..."
  • "Why are so many books translated into Russian, not Ukrainian, published in Ukraine? Why everywhere does the Moscow advertisement and pop music sound? We need to resort to aggressive resistance ... "
  • "Prophecy about the gas pipe was made by Bandera. This Moskali we have not yet stolen. All they can do is steal and lie, steal and lie, steal and lie! "
  • "In Ukraine, the Russian language can not be either the second state or regional. He is an occupier! "
  • "Those who do not speak Ukrainian will be imprisoned!"
  • "Holidays, celebrated in the USSR, have no bearing on the history and culture of Ukraine !"
  • "The structure of the Moscow Patriarchate with Christianity has nothing in common. This is a threat to a self-sufficient and free Ukraine. Under the sutans of representatives of the Moscow Patriarchate - the security services of this country! "

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