Weaving on the machine "Monster Teil" from rubber bands: schemes, ideas, master class

The Monster Tail is the second most popular set from the American company Rainbow Loom. This is a mini version of the standard braiding device, which is convenient to take along on the road.

The kit includes:

  • 600 elastic bands of different colors,
  • clips,
  • Plastic hook, not metal, as in the usual set,
  • Mini-machine for braiding simple bracelets.

There are many variants of products for weaving on the machine "Monster Teil" made of rubber bands. In addition to bracelets of various shapes, these can be key chains, toys and various ornaments. Let's consider some variants of manufacturing of products. It is worth remembering that when you twist the gum eight, the direction should always be the same: from yourself or to yourself.

Braiding from rubber bands on the machine Monster Tail: master class "Ice cream on a stick"

For example, try to create a small key chain in the form of ice cream on a stick.

For the figure you will need:

  • 7 yellow rubber bands for a "stick" of orange color,
  • 9 white rubber bands for creamy layer,
  • 34 of the primary color rubber for the ice cream itself (for example, pink).

The process of creating a keychain begins with the design of the wand:

  1. We open a set for weaving Monster Tail and prepare everything necessary. We will weave the product on three columns of the upper row and 3 columns of the lower row.
  2. First we make a wand on two central columns. For this, we take an elastic band of orange color and place it on a column in the bottom row of the machine. Then we make an eight and put the bottom loop on the column. We repeat all the steps again. On the column should be an elastic band, twisted in three turns.
  3. Now take two rubber bands: place them on top and pull them to the opposite column in the upper row. They should be one above the other, not twisting and not crossing each other. Next, we will each time to throw two.
  4. Then crochet we fold off the three-fold eraser from the column. It is more convenient to fold one or two loops.
  5. Lower the gum down and take the next pair. We throw on two columns in the middle row and throw out the rubber bands that are in the lower layer, first on one side, then on the other.
  6. We throw two more elastic bands and discard the elastic bands of the lower layer.

We make a "creamy layer"

We continue the weaving on the machine "Monster Teil" from the elastic bands of the "Ice cream" keychain. We begin to make a "creamy layer".

  1. We take two white rubber bands and place them above the orange ones.
  2. We throw orange gums in the center.
  3. Now we put one elastic band of white color horizontally on three columns of the bottom row. We turn the machine over and put on the rubber bands of white color on the right and left columns, twisting each of them three times. There should be four layers.
  4. Two rubber bands of white color are put on two columns of the right side and two more - on the left column. Hook begins to throw off the rubber bands, twisted four times, grabbing two eyelets, on both sides. Hold the middle of the workpiece with your finger so that the remaining rubber bands do not fall off the machine. On the bars should remain two pieces.
  5. Turn the machine and hold a horizontal rubber band over the three bars in the center and release.

The main part of ice cream

Weaving on the machine "Monster Teil" from the elastic bands of the key chain "Ice Cream" goes to the final stage - the creation of the main part. We put the rubber bands of the color that was chosen for the product.

  1. We stretch one elastic band on three columns of the bottom row.
  2. Then we throw two gums on all the bars: two right, one left and one in the middle.
  3. After that, first we take off the lower pink rubber from the bars, then all white. Lower the gum lower.
  4. We repeat stages 1-3. Finish skidyvanie rubber bands of the lower layer. Do all the steps three more times. It remains to bind all the rubber bands together.
  5. At the final stage we put elastic bands only on the last posts. Rubber, which we stretch horizontally on three columns, twist in two turns.
  6. We throw two rubber bands on the right and left.
  7. We remove the twisted two horizontal elastic band and the bottom layer from the outer posts.
  8. We fix the elastic bands, toss them from the outer posts to the center. Press the finger on the rubber bands on the right column and throw it over the next. The same we repeat with the left column. For convenience, you can stretch them into two columns and throw off the last one. Turn the machine and repeat all the steps from the left column.
  9. We put one rubber on two bars in the center. We remove all the rubber bands under it starting from the top two, then the two middle ones and, lastly, the two lower ones. Turn the machine and repeat all operations.
  10. Make a knot of the remaining loops. To do this, we toss the rubber from the bottom to the top bar, turn the machine and discard the lower elastic band. Get a bundle, you need to carefully tighten it, sipping the remaining elastic band up. Remove the finished key chain from the bar. Once again tighten the tip and straighten the product, so that all the rubber bands are in place.

Flower from elastic bands for bracelet

Constantly there are new ways of weaving bracelets on a round machine "Monster Teil". But you can, without using complex techniques, decorate the usual "fish tail" or "sea snake" with flowers made of rubber. One flower will need three colors of rubber, for example, 8 red for the petals, 7 for the white ones for the middle and 2 for the leaf. In this master class there will be no information on how to weave bracelets from rubber bands on the machine "Monster Teile" - only the process of making buds.

How to Weave a Flower from Elastics

We prepare the necessary tools and materials: a rubber, a machine and a hook. We will weave on 6 posts in the center.

  1. The first rubber band of red color is thrown by an eight on two adjacent columns in the upper row. All the other bands are twisted.
  2. The second we throw on the other two adjacent columns.
  3. The third is thrown from the third column of the upper row to the opposite in the lower one.
  4. Now repeat all the actions for the bottom row. Should get a circle.
  5. We take one rubber of red color and we throw it on all 6 columns, lowering downwards, and we throw one more. We do not release it down, leaving the distance so that the ranks are not messed up.
  6. Hook off all the elastic bands of the lower layer, which twisted the eight.

Middle of the flower

We continue the weaving on the machine "Monster Teil" from the flower's gum:

  1. Now we do the middle. We take rubbery rubber of white color and we pull on 6 columns. On top of another one.
  2. We remove the elastic bands of the bottom layer from each column, that is, only one red elastic band at the very bottom.
  3. We throw one white rubber on all 6 posts. We throw off all the red rubber bands in the middle.
  4. Again, put on the rubber band and take off the bottom layer.
  5. Having thrown an elastic band, now we throw off two loops on the bottom layer. On the posts there are two rubber bands.
  6. We throw another white gum and again throw off one loop of the lower layer.

How to finish a flower from gum

  1. At the next stage of weaving on the machine "Monster Teil" from the rubber bands of the flower, we do not throw in a new elastic band, but we skip the bottom layer.
  2. When there is only one rubber on each column, we reduce the number of used columns from 6 to 3. To do this, we connect the neighboring loops: from the right column of the bottom row to the middle, from the left column of the bottom row to the top, from the right column of the upper row to the middle.
  3. Remained the last rubbery white color - we put it on three columns and we take off two rubber bands of the lower layer. We connect two adjacent loops on the lower columns, transferring the right rubber band to the left.
  4. We take two green rubber bands and we throw on two columns from above and throw off all the white rubber bands.

We remove the flower on the hook and straighten it, sipping it to the sides. You can decorate them with bracelets made of rubber bands or a ring, woven on the Monster Tile machine.

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