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They know the secret of success: 15 habits of millionaires who have achieved everything themselves

Success does not come overnight. All millionaires had to start somewhere. Most often, the achievement of a multi-million dollar state is determined by the fact that they have certain habits. The researchers were able to analyze the behavior of such people and identify common features, which are the secret of wealth. Habits can be the cause of success, poverty, happiness, depression, good relationships or bad, good health or illness. You can change your life. That's what successful people are doing, try and you start to behave in the same way!

They constantly read

Rich people prefer not to have fun, but to practice their education. Eighty-eight percent of wealthy people daily for half an hour doing self-education or self-development. Many do not read for entertainment, they do it only to gain knowledge. Most often they choose books of three types: biographies of successful people, books about personal growth or history books.

They play sports

Seventy-six percent of wealthy people do cardio work for about half an hour every day. For example, they run or ride a bicycle. Cardio workouts are useful not only for the body, but also for the brain. This stimulates the growth of neurons. In addition, it increases the production of glucose, necessary for mental activity. The more glucose, the smarter the person.

They communicate with successful people

You are successful as far as the people around you are successful. That's why wealthy people prefer to communicate with single-minded, optimistic enthusiasts. In order to maintain this relationship, rich people do the following things: congratulate on their birthday, occasionally call, congratulate with large-scale life events, contact if necessary for work, participate in volunteer activities and organize thematic events. People with a negative attitude should be avoided. Criticism can undermine your strength on the path to success.

They strive to achieve their goals

Rich people are always aimed at achieving the goal. They pursue their aspirations, which provides them with a sense of happiness. Too many people succumb to other people's beliefs and follow other people's goals. Passion - that's what makes the work meaningful. Passion fills with energy and perseverance, it guarantees the ability to focus and overcome all obstacles.

They get up early

Almost fifty percent of millionaires wake up at least three hours before the start of the working day. This is a strategy that allows you to cope with delays in the schedule, for example with traffic jams on the road or too long a meeting. Delays have a psychological effect on a person. They create the feeling that there is no control over life. If you get up early to cope with the most important things, you gain control over life and self-confidence.

They have several sources of income

Successful people prefer not to rely on one source of income, they have several. Sixty-five percent of the rich have at least three sources of money.

They consult mentors

If you have a role model, it's easier for you to succeed. A talented mentor not only positively affects your life, he also tells you what to do and what not to do.

They have a positive attitude

Long-term success is possible only when you have a positive attitude. According to research, this is characteristic of absolutely all successful people.

They do not follow the crowd

Many people prefer to remain part of the team and adjust to it, to be in the crowd and not stand out. However, most often this is the cause of failure. A successful person creates a crowd. He is able to stand out and lead.

They have a good upbringing

The rich are able to behave in society. They send out thank-you cards, congratulate them on significant events and understand the dress code.

They help to succeed others

If you help other success-oriented people to move forward, you develop yourself. It is impossible to succeed without a team of like-minded people.

They devote time to reflection

Thinking is the key to success. Rich people prefer to betray thoughts in silence, in the morning, spending at least fifteen minutes. They are thinking about a variety of things, from career to family issues.

They are waiting for a response

Fear of criticism is the reason why we often do not want to hear the reactions of others. At the same time, criticism is necessary in order to understand what you are doing and what is not. The response also helps to understand where to move on. Criticism is extremely important for development and growth.

They ask for what they want

Do not be afraid to ask for what you want. Fear of rejection makes people avoid requests. It is necessary to overcome your fear and ask others about everything that is necessary.

They are able to take risks

Millionaires are not fearless. They just know how to calculate the risks. They understand that not everything is so simple, they are ready for failure and the fact that they will have to start all over again. The readiness to move forward is important. Successful people are failing, making mistakes and learning from their mistakes, which allows them to achieve many things in life.

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