Crafts from sausage balls: what you need to know a beginner in the art of twisting

The balloon has always been, is and will be one of the favorite toys of kids. No children's holiday can not do without colorful balloons. They are used as an ornament of a room or a site, and also are an invariable attribute of sports games or competitions. And today, to the great joy of the children, there are long balloons on the market, which are called sausage balls. Crafts from balls-sausages are so unusual, original and beautiful that one can not even believe that this is just a twisted piece of rubber. And for today the ability to twist figures from long balloons has turned into a real art form - twisting. Masters of twisting can perform almost any crafts made of long balls: animal figurines, flowers, ornaments.

Twisting is difficult? Rules for the execution of twists

Anyone can learn the technique of twisting at will. There is nothing complicated in this. First you need to purchase the necessary materials: a set of air balls and sausages and a pump for pumping them. Next, you need to master the basic techniques of twisting, to perform elements of crafts from balls-sausages. Schemes, instructions, training videos, if desired, can be found on special resources.

Consider the basic method of twisting a long ball into a figure.

  1. Inflate the ball, leaving empty 10 cm from the tail. Tighten the neck with your fingers, tie a knot at the very end.
  2. Performing the base bubble. Cross the fingers of the right hand ball in the place where the twist will be performed. With your left hand, rotate the long part of the ball around its axis 3 times. The vial will stick. To ensure that when making sauces from the sausage balls the twines are not blown, you need to do them all in one direction: either all to the left or all to the right.
  3. The execution of the "castle". If you want to connect 3 bubbles together, the "lock" is twisted. To do this, you need to put together the second and third bubbles, the ball to bend in the place where the bubbles were connected. Around the joint, wrap the folded bubbles with the first bubble.

On the basis of these basic methods of twisting, all the articles made from the sausage balls are made.

Dog from a long balloon: easy, simple, fast

One of the simplest in performing figures from a ball is a dog. Inflate the long ball, leaving the tip to 20 cm, tie a knot that will serve as a spout. From the nodule, twist 3 identical in size bubble, two of them fasten together - it's head and ears. Stepping back a few centimeters (neck), perform 2 identical bubbles (front paws). Retreat 8-10 cm (tummy) and twist again 2 blisters (hind legs). That part of the ball that remains will be the tail of the dog. Eyes and mustache must be drawn with a marker or a felt-tip pen. All - the dog is ready to enter into funny games with your baby.

Having mastered the basic technology of twisting figures, in the future you will be able to perform more complex crafts from balls-sausages.

From a small ball to a big masterpiece

The art of twisting is not limited to making figurines from balls. Garlands, bouquets, large thematic compositions of balloons of different shapes and sizes are today the leaders among all kinds of decorative ornaments of premises and grounds. It looks bright, smart and very beautiful. Of course, most often such a miracle is ordered from professionals, but if you have the patience and appeal to help fantasy, it is likely that you can also build such a masterpiece. Give children a fairy tale!

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