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The bat flew into the apartment. Signs will predict the future

If you find that there is a mouse in the house, then no mention is made of any signs. The first and only desire is to catch and throw the rodent away from your home. If a bat is flying into the house , then bad thoughts come to mind, because these night guests are not associated with anything pleasant. We suggest to find out what are the signs on this occasion. What events will happen in the future?

Magical horror stories

Bats at all times were considered as girl-friends and helpers of witches, witches. From the blood and legs of these animals, magical potions were brewed, mice were participants in witch rituals and all divination. And what an unpleasant sound they make! Their squeaking horror ... Probably, that's why, if the bat flew into the apartment, the signs immediately recalled. And often a terrible thought creeps into my head: how could something not happen? In the people there are several signs associated with these night guests. They say that their visit is not accidental. If there was a bat in the apartment, the signs say that you should prepare yourself for grief and worry. Most likely, someone from close people is seriously ill. If the mouse has flown to your house and fell dead, then in the future in this room will be lying dead. According to other sources, such a guest predicts that a series of troubles and bad luck will begin. It is very important to drive the mouse out so that it flies out of the room. To failure and misfortune to hurt or kill a bat.

To the money

If a bat has flown into your apartment, there are good signs. For example, it's for money and big profits. But the wealth will flow into your hands, provided that the mouse has flown in the summer season and in rainy weather. It is important that the guest flies out of the house. If it hides somewhere behind the furniture, then it will be difficult to lure the animal. If she is hiding in a corner or is in your field of vision, you can throw a dark cloth on her and, catching it, release it to freedom. In case of injury or murder of a mouse, you may not even dream that prosperity will be in your hands ...

To the wedding

They say in the people - to prepare for the wedding, if the bat flew into the apartment. These signs often come true. It should be clearly defined how the mouse turned into a dwelling. If she flew through the window into the room of an unmarried girl - be a wedding, and her marriage union will be happy. But there is one condition: the girl must personally catch the guest and release to freedom. If the mouse has entered the house through the door, you will soon meet or send matchmakers.

The evil forces in the house

Old women who are familiar with the world of magic, say if a bat has flown into the dwelling of a man, there can be only one sign: in the house or the evil spirits settled, or someone spoils the family and clan. People said that bats feel negative energy. They like a magnet pulls where someone seriously turned. So think what to do if the bat flew into the apartment. Signs make you feel uneasy.

Logical conclusions

On the other hand, let's think logically, forgetting for a moment that the signs are being told. Bats are not infrequent visitors in the city and in the countryside. As soon as the night is scattered his cloak, dotted with stars, these winged beauties fly out to hunt, to refresh themselves and stretch their wings. In flight, the night guest can quite fly into the house through an open window or a wide open window. Yes, mice fly into the dwelling of a man rarely, but do not immediately remember the signs and think about the bad.

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