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Signs of happiness and luck: looking everywhere! What happens for happiness?

In the age of technological progress and the development of civilization, we are still superstitious to a greater or lesser extent. Who among us has not knocked on the tree, trying not to frighten off luck, or sewing a button "on himself" with a thread in his teeth? For a reasonable educated person, all this is stupid, not worthwhile, but transmitted as a child from the lips of grandmothers, signs penetrate deeply into the heart and, regardless of the age and status of a person, manifest themselves at a subconscious level. There are many beliefs that warn of imminent danger or illness. But let's not talk about the bad. There are signs for happiness. We will tell about them in the article.

Successful signs of fate

Signs of luck and luck:

  1. The rusty nail you find must be brought home - so you bring welfare to the house.
  2. A fly caught in your glass is not the most pleasant, but a sure sign that you will catch a profit.
  3. The bird flew into the house - luck flies through the window.
  4. They got out of bed without thinking, with the right foot - everything will go well.
  5. Stumbled with your left foot - these evil spirits knock you off the right path, you need to go on without looking back.
  6. There is a responsible meeting, and it's raining outside - it will be a winning thing.
  7. A four-leafed clover or lilac flower of 5 leaves will bring good luck, if you eat it.
  8. Meeting with a man carrying full buckets, says that time will not be wasted.
  9. A cat running across the road has a tricolor color? The day promises to be favorable!
  10. Found 5 kopecks, lying on the road with the coat of arms, will bring prosperity.
  11. If you sit down in front of the road, luck will concentrate around the departing person.
  12. The frog will bring prosperity to the house.
  13. Fused eyebrows will attract good luck to the person.

Happy signs

To draw prosperity is quite realistic, observing simple rituals, attentively observing surrounding signs and believing in people's signs for happiness. In the family there will be favorable changes if:

  • Met a pregnant woman and stroked her belly;
  • A stork or swallow has a nest on the roof of your house;
  • Accidentally broke a glass - for luck;
  • The ladybird sat on her shoulder;
  • A spider settled in the house;
  • Crumbs scattered - there will be many children in the family;
  • In the house grows hibiscus - a symbol of the family hearth - or spathiphyllum, which brings female happiness;
  • At the same time several indoor plants have blossomed (the conception of the baby will soon occur);
  • The homeless kitten came running to the house;
  • Had a rainbow or children.

Signs of happiness for students

With special confidence, and sometimes reverential trembling to the signs that bring good luck, are students. Literally in each university, and even the group there are their beliefs and traditions, which will certainly bring good luck and help pass the exam. Here are the most common happy signs:

  1. Leading in the rating of the signs that help overcome the exam questions, the belief that you can not wash your head before the exam, as all knowledge will be washed away. For the same reason, students do not cut their hair, do not wash and do not shave on the eve of the test.
  2. Go to the assessment of knowledge you need in the same "happy" clothes. While never erasing it, you can wash your luck.
  3. Preparing for the examination subject, you can not leave open the already read textbooks and notes - nothing will be remembered.
  4. The secret that parents need to sleep a night on textbooks before testing knowledge is the parents - this sign has been helping students for decades. Thus, knowledge is better absorbed and not forgotten until the morning.
  5. In the evening you can not open a student's record-book. And it is better to catch a "freebie" in the window and fix the record book with a rubber band or a clip so that this "freebie" will not run away.
  6. To go to the institute for an exam is necessary only on a familiar route that has been repeatedly passed so that knowledge along the way is not lost.
  7. On the way to the university, you must find somewhere somewhere somewhere around 5. It can be a bus of the fifth number, delivery of 5 rubles, the fifth turnstile in the subway.
  8. You can not step on the sewer hatches - they attract failure.
  9. Waiting near the office of his turn, it is necessary to touch the classmate who gave in "excellent".
  10. Cried before the exam - luck on your side.
  11. Go into the office with the left foot, take the ticket with your left hand and sit at the table again from the same side.
  12. It is impossible, that in the record-book the exam on physical culture was first passed - a bad omen for the following tests.

Talismans for luck and happiness

A huge energy, bringing good luck and happiness to man, has various talismans. Such ancient spiritual teachings as Feng Shui and Kabbalah use hieroglyphs, pentagrams, runes, symbols to give talismans strength. In Christian traditions, the Orthodox cross, the symbol of Faith, Hope, Love, have the greatest energy. And in folk rituals, great importance is attached to the ancient symbol of protecting the gates of the house - the horseshoe, which brings good luck.

How to properly hang a horseshoe for good luck

Many people know about such a sign that brings good luck, like a horseshoe. But not everyone understands how to properly hang the amulet. It should be noted that the horseshoe does not carry any energy from the souvenir shop. To attract happiness and luck, you need an old, horse-worn horseshoe, preferably black. Only such a symbol can protect and fill the house with positive energy.

Before you hang a horseshoe, you need to have each member of the family hold it in their hands. Thus, the beneficial effect of the talisman will affect all household members. Hang the horseshoe on the wooden door down or up the ends. With the lowered ends of the horseshoe will be a reliable guard of your home - luck and happiness will not flow out of the house. With raised ends, the amulet, like a magnet, will attract well-being.

If you hang a horseshoe outside the front door, the talisman will protect against the "evil eye" and evil spirits. The warder inside the house will preserve positive energy. Attach the horseshoe to the twine.

Talisman made by own hands

Signs of happiness will help to notice a favorable aura, and your personal talisman will be able to preserve and transform it. Any dear thing can become an individual amulet. It can be a soft toy or grandmother's family ring, a milk tooth and a pebble. The main thing is that the thing possessed positive energy, charged the owner with positive emotions, attached strength.

You can independently make a talisman. The self-made amulet is a very powerful energy magnet. Everyone can make a talisman for luck. This requires a little creativity, knowledge of symbolism, sincere desire and faith.

Natural materials are the most powerful: wood, stone, clay. The form of the talisman should not have sharp corners. Preference should be given to the circle and the oval.

Talisman for luck with a stone

Each sign of the zodiac is suitable for certain stones:

  • Aries is an amethyst.
  • Taurus is agate.
  • Gemini is a pomegranate.
  • Cancer is an emerald.
  • The lion is a ruby.
  • The virgin is jasper.
  • Weights - a diamond.
  • Scorpio is a cat's eye.
  • The turtle is turquoise.
  • Capricorn is malachite.
  • Aquarius is sapphire.
  • Pisces is a moonstone.

The stone can be placed in jewelry, sewed into clothing or made a keychain. The main thing is that the thing is always with you.

Runic talisman for luck

To make such a mascot you need a small piece of solid wood and the ability to work with a jig saw. Give the wooden piece a shape without sharp corners. Then cut out the rune that brings good luck. It is similar to the English letter F, only short dashes should be placed just below the top edge and at an angle to the top. Cover with varnish. Cut out the hole for the rope and wear a talisman around your neck.

To believe in signs or not is the choice of each person. The main thing is to share the good mood with others and to treat life with humor. Then good luck and happy moments will become constant companions of your life.

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