Frying pan electric tilting. Electric grill pan: characteristics, varieties and reviews

Ruddy potatoes with onions and mushrooms, baked with vegetables, fish, fried meat, thin pancakes, lush pancakes ... We will not go on for further reasons for safety reasons and because the best recipes from the chef are not the topic of this article. Enumerations of only these culinary delights are enough to understand that it is impossible to cook them without having a good frying pan in the kitchen. We hope that the article will be useful for beginners and experienced cooks and cooks in their own cafe or restaurant, since its theme is an electric frying pan. The second word in the phrase is key. It is not just an item of a set of kitchen utensils made of stainless steel. And not expensive titanium frying pan for electric stove. When choosing this assistant about the type of plate in your kitchen do not need to remember. This is a dream come true for parents of students in the hostel of the seventies, trying without a queue to a common gas or some other stove in the kitchen to fry fried eggs on a hot iron in order to catch the evening for the club. Home appliances, working from the network, allows you to prepare useful and tasty dishes quickly and easily. An electric grill, for example, will roast meat like in nature at any time of the year in a cozy kitchen. Believe experience - the result will please both you and your guests.

Structural features

The main difference of the device is that the electric frying pan is equipped with a heating element, thermal or infrared radiation, working from the mains. Elements are hermetically sealed in the frying pan body and can not come into contact with the products. There is a one-sided installation of the tan, only in the bottom or cover, or two-sided. An electric grill is an example of the second type. Both surfaces are heated in it. Modern electrical appliances necessarily have a built-in thermostat. This is convenient because you can set the desired temperature of the frying surface. It is maintained uniform and stable over the entire area, which eliminates the danger of burning food or disturbing the temperature of cooking. The shape of the roasting surface can be rectangular or round. The dimensions are also different. Household frying pans are produced in volume from three and a half liters. Industrial models have bowls over ten liters. Accordingly, the power of the instruments is different. In the covers of electric frying pans, there is an opening for steam extraction. Another mandatory feature of quality models is the distinction of handles made of materials with low thermal and electrical conductivity, which ensures safety and convenience in operation.

Pros and cons of materials

The most popular frying pans are cast iron. This is the most wear-resistant material. Even with overheating, it does not emit any harmful substances. To make the cast iron bowls not rusted, it is better not to use any detergents when caring for them, but simply to wash with clean water and then to calcine. The only negative is the big weight. Do not recommend to leave cooked dishes for a long time from vegetables in a cast-iron frying pan, they can darken.

Stainless steel as a material for the production of electric frying pans began to be used relatively recently. With a lot of advantages, the most important of which is safety for health, stainless steel has minuses. It is low thermal conductivity and weak non-sticking. The invention of a multi-layered bottom with aluminum-copper inserts helped to partially eliminate these shortcomings, but significantly increased the price of products. Frying pans of stainless steel require careful care, like their aluminum counterparts. The first domestic electric frying pan "Miracle" was made of aluminum without additional coating. For the appearance was called a flying saucer. In general, a well-polished aluminum has high non-stick qualities. To enhance these properties, coatings: Teflon, ceramics and other alloys are used.


With the plus of non-stick coatings it is understandable. And the main and very dangerous minus is that aluminum and its alloys can not endure overheating. If the thickness of the frying surface of the frying pan is low, then the non-stick coatings from high temperatures evaporate, and harmful substances for human health enter the food. For the same reasons, when working with aluminum dishes with coatings it is not recommended to use any metal knives, blades, so as not to damage the surface. You can wash them only with soft sponges with special detergents. With all the recommendations, the service life can be extended, but still it is not so great when compared with stainless steel or cast iron frying pans.

Almost multivarka

Modern models of household electric frying pans can be used for frying, quenching without fat or using the minimum amount that is useful for health. They are good for baking pancakes. Electroslavor will please fans of homemade pizza. Without problems, it can warm up ready meals or defrost foods better and safer than in a microwave oven. According to the set of possible functions of electroshock, according to the reviews, it is an economical mini-multivarka.

Characteristics of electrogrills

A special place among electrical household appliances is occupied by electric grills.

Models of modern leading brands are open or closed type. Closed grills - this is actually a compact desktop electric furnace, in which there is a special working chamber. The heating elements and the engine are located in special compartments. They are isolated from the products, but rather closely adhere to them. Thanks to this meat, fish are fried fast, evenly, without smoke and smell. Products do not burn. In a cafe and home-style restaurants bowls use open-type grills. They are larger in volume, they do not have a camera, they work on infrared emitters. The heating elements are mounted in the grill cover. Smoke and smell can not be avoided, so they are used outdoors.

Electric frying pans of industrial type

In many respects, the electric tilting electric pan is the best option for large and small food enterprises. To improve the quality of dishes, frying surfaces in industrial models are made more often from stainless steel or cast iron in the form of bowls with special lids provided with gutters for the drainage of condensate. The density of their closing is regulated by a spring mechanism. Fast heating and high heat transfer coefficient in industrial frying pans is provided due to the fact that the heating elements are directly connected to the bottom thermal conductive material, the thickness of which in quality models is from fifteen millimeters. The internal surfaces have a relief, which speeds up the preparation process at low fat costs. Bowls can have several heating zones with separately controlled temperature. One zone can be quickly fried, and the other can keep the dish hot. Large frying surfaces are mounted on special stands or tables. The name of the frying pan electric tilting speaks about the presence of the mechanism of tilting the bowl to facilitate the emptying and care of the product. It can be manual (mechanical lever) or electric (by pressing a button). The second is for convenience and safety interlocked with the mechanism of lifting the lid. Operations with bowls are possible only with open covers. Industrial models are equipped with control panels with temperature regulators and signal indicators. Limits of temperatures vary from twenty to three hundred degrees. When you warm up any frying surface above three hundred and fifty degrees, the emergency shutdown of heating teens is triggered.

To serve for a long time

The service life of both household and industrial electric frying pans depends on how the rules of operation and maintenance are observed, and, very importantly, the safety measures when working with electrical appliances. In addition to detailed instructions for compulsory reading, manufacturers of quality brands apply to their miracle frying recipes recipes. Before experimenting, cook on them. You will like it, believe me!

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