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Scott Gill: biography and personal life

John Barrowman flashes in the British press quite often - due to rumors of a new appearance in "Doctor Who", the resumption of "Torchwood" and other projects (including theatrical). The same can not be said about his husband. Scott R. Gill is an architect, and finding information about him that is not related to the relationship with Barrowman is difficult, but we tried.

Scott Gill: Biography

Sheridan Scott Robert Gill was born on April 2, 1963 (by the way, in the same year the first season of the classic "Doctor Who" was published) in England. Some sources claim that the man is a Scotsman. This confusion is due to the fact that Scotland's native Scott's partner is John Barrowman.

There is a sister (died in 2005 from brain cancer). He is married to John Barroumen (since 2013).

Gillou 54 years old, horoscope - Aries.


An architect by profession, Scott works in his specialty. He also has one acting role in the mini-series The Making of Me (2008).


The husband calls Scott touchy-feely, which means "one who likes to show feelings in public." In addition, Gill is a little sentimental: the man even shed a tear at the design of civil partnership with Barrowman.

In character's warehouse, Scott Gill is an introvert and romantic.

Personal life

As Gill himself says, he learned about his homosexuality early, but also realized early on that it was a "horrifying thought" for the world. "In the 70's there were no examples to follow, except for Danny La Rue and Larry Grayson." To be gay then is like being a leper. "

Scott Gill told his parents about his orientation when he lived apart from them and "left them alone with it." Nevertheless, they took the news well. John Barrowman was the first guy Scott introduced to meet his parents, and he immediately liked them.

Relations with Barrowman

John Barrowman and Scott Gill met in 1993, after a performance at the beginning of which the actor played nude. As the couple said, both thought that each of them met with a friend who led Gill to the play. After this episode, the guys for a year ran into each other by accident, but hesitated to say hello. "I did not want him to think that I was flirting, although I did not mind really doing it," Barrowman said.

A year later the guys met again at the premiere of the show "Sunset Boulevard", where they found out that both were alone. So began their relationship.

"It's amazing, because usually when people fall in love, reciprocity does not appear right away," Gill says.

For today the pair together 24 years. On December 27, 2006 in Cardiff (United Kingdom), after 13 years of relationship, they entered into a civil partnership, despite the fact that at the end of 2005, John stated that they were not going to do it. The ceremony was attended by families of partners, as well as Russell T. Davies (Executive Producer of Doctor Who) and the film crew of Torchwood. During this period, the couple avoided calling their relationship a marriage and were not going to marry according to the laws of religion, which "hates gays".

Nevertheless, on July 2, 2013, in California, USA, John Barrowman and Scott Gill officially married. Children now have a married couple yet, although John says that he would like to have them.

Both argue that relationships are work, but they are happy with each other and will go through all the barriers.

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