"Fexofast": instructions for use, reviews and analogues

How should I take the medicine "Fexofast"? Instructions for using this medication will be described below. Also, your attention will be given information about what substances are part of the drug, with what purpose it is prescribed, whether it has contraindications and analogues.

Composition, form and packaging of the medicine

Tablets "Fexofast", the instruction of which is in a cardboard pack, contains an active ingredient, such as fexofenadine. As for additional constituents, microcrystalline cellulose, hypromellose, starch, magnesium stearate, povidone, silicon dioxide colloid, lactose and purified water are used as such.

According to the instruction, the means under consideration is film coated. Its composition includes such components as propylene glycol, talc, hydroxypropylmethylcellulose, titanium dioxide, isopropyl alcohol, methylene chloride and dye.

You can buy tablets of 180 and 120 mg in blisters and cardboard boxes, respectively.

Pharmacological characteristics of the drug

What features are inherent in the tablets "Fexofast"? Instructions for use indicate that the drug in question is a blocker of H1-histamine receptors. Its active substance is a pharmacologically active metabolite of terfenadine.

The medication has no sedative effect, and also does not cause habituation (after the month of admission). The antihistamine effect of this remedy is manifested after 60 minutes. Its maximum reaches about 6 hours and continues throughout the day.

Specialists found that with the oral intake of "Fexophast" in an amount of 10-130 mg therapeutic efficacy of the active substance is dose-dependent.

Kinetic features

How long is the preparation "Fexofast" absorbed? Instructions for use say that after oral administration of tablets, their active substance is absorbed fairly quickly from the intestine.

The greatest concentration of the active ingredient in the blood is determined after 1-3 hours. After taking the tablet (180 mg), the average value of the maximum concentration is about 494 ng / ml, and with the application of 120 mg - about 427 ng / ml.

The connection with plasma proteins varies in the range of 60-70%, and the half-life of the drug after repeated administration is 12-15 hours.

One can not help saying that the medicine in question is excreted together with breast milk. About 5% of the dose is exposed to extrahepatic metabolism (partial).

The drug is produced mainly together with bile (about 80%), and also through the kidneys in unchanged form (about 10%).

Indications for taking tablets

What conditions of the patient may require the use of the drug "Fexofast 120"? The instruction informs, that the mentioned medicament possesses a proof antiallergic effect. In this regard, its use is recommended when:

  • Hives chronic;
  • Seasonal allergic rhinitis.

Contraindications to the use of medicinal product

Do you know what contraindications are available for "Fexofast" tablets? The instruction says that there are not very many prohibitions for this tool. It is not recommended to take it only under the following conditions:

  • Breastfeeding;
  • Hypersensitivity to the main and auxiliary components;
  • Bearing the baby;
  • In childhood (that is, up to 12 years).

Particular care should be taken when treating people with chronic renal failure and other disorders in the work of the kidneys and liver.

Medication "Fexofast": instructions for taking tablets

How should I take an antiallergic "Fexofast"? The drug in tablets is intended for oral administration with seasonal allergic rhinitis in adults and adolescents from 12 years of age.

The dosage of this drug should be determined only by a narrow specialist on the basis of the analysis and medical examination. As a rule, with the mentioned disease, the patient is prescribed a drug in the amount of 120 mg once a day.

In such a pathological condition as chronic urticaria, adolescents and adults are prescribed 180 mg of medication once a day.

Duration of treatment is determined on an individual basis, depending on the severity of allergic manifestations and the patient's condition.

Adverse Reactions

Can the side effects of the tablet "Fexofast 180" cause? Instruction says that this drug rarely contributes to the development of unwanted effects. Sometimes patients complain of headaches, nausea, drowsiness and dizziness.

It should also be noted that in rare cases the medication in question can cause a feeling of fatigue, insomnia and other sleep problems, nervousness, as well as hives, skin rashes, itching and other reactions of intolerance.

Overdose Symptoms

Before taking the tablets "Fexofast 180" the instruction must be necessarily studied by the patient. It indicates the recommended and effective dosages of this product, as well as the frequency of its administration.

If the indicated amount of the drug is exceeded, the patient may experience symptoms of an overdose such as dizziness, dryness in the mouth and drowsiness.

To eliminate such conditions, standard measures are taken to eliminate unabsorbed medication from the gastrointestinal tract. Symptomatic and maintenance therapy is also provided.

Compatibility with other medicines

The drug "Fexofast" is not subjected to biological transformation in the liver. In this regard, he does not interact with other medicines that are exposed to hepatic metabolism.

Specialists have proved that when combined with the "ketoconazole" and "Erythromycin", the concentration of fexofenadine in the blood is increased 3 times. This is due to increased absorption of the drug from the gastrointestinal tract, as well as a reduction in the excretion of bile and gastrointestinal secretion.

With the simultaneous administration of aluminum and magnesium-containing antacids, ¼ of an hour before the reception of Fexofast, a decrease in its bioavailability is observed. The interval between taking these medications should be 120 minutes.

It should also be noted that the tablets "Fexofast" does not interact with "Omeprazol" and drugs that are metabolized in the liver.

Analogues of the drug and its price

How much are Fexofast 120 tablets? Instructions for use do not answer the question posed. You can learn it only in the pharmacy. You can buy this medication for 170-230 rubles.

As for similar drugs, they include such drugs: Telfadine, Allegra, Fexofenadine, Allerfex, Fexadin, Gifast, Telfast.

Patient Reviews

Now you have an idea of how to use the medicine "Fexofast". Instructions for taking this medication have been described above.

Unfortunately, allergic reactions disturb many people. To get rid of their manifestations, patients are often prescribed "Fexofast" tablets.

Most people leave only positive responses about this medicine. They report that this is a highly effective drug that helps to eliminate all allergic manifestations.

However, there are also such patients who claim that the agent in question only gives temporary relief.

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