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Suitable stones for Aries-women

Precious and semiprecious stones, according to astrologers, are living beings, because they have their own character, aura.

Sign Aries, like other signs of the zodiac, correspond to several stones that can have a different effect on the one who owns them. Stones for Aries-women fully correspond to the distinctive features of the character inherent in the ladies of this sign. Astrologers say that Aries are bright and emotional, they are distinguished by special vigor and passion, and negative features include their quick temper and sharpness. People who were born under the sign of Aries, very much like to take up a new job, but most often do not bring it to the end, because they lack patience and endurance. The positive qualities of Aries include their honesty and openness, optimism and perseverance, and to the negative - egoism, tactlessness and impulsiveness.

Astrologers say that every concrete representative of a sign has in its nature different qualities that all express themselves in their own way. In this regard, the stones, for Aries-women intended, should stimulate positive traits. In addition, they must minimize negative manifestations. Free horoscopes, which are published a large number, say that all Aries fit diamonds and diamonds, as well as gems that have a red tint, for example, amethyst, ruby, garnet, rauchtopaz. These wonderful stones for Aries-women are designed for the reason that the representatives of this sign are extravagant and very fond of everything bright and beautiful. There is a belief that gold earrings with rauchtopazami can help Aries women to find their love and preserve this feeling in marriage.

Diamond has long been recognized as a symbol of motherhood. He gives his owner special confidence and gives an opportunity to cope with negative emotional outbursts, including depression.

Zircon is also a stone, suitable for women of this sign of the zodiac. This mineral gives its owner special energy, which he himself receives from the sun, special strength and vivacity so that all the affairs she could bring to the end. Girls are better to pick transparent zircons, and for older women recommended stones that have a rich yellow color. All living things are multifaceted. Each representative of the sign of the zodiac - special and not similar to the other, just do not resemble each other and gems of the same species.

Stones for Aries women should be chosen, not forgetting about some important details. Very often ruby is called the symbol of fiery Aries. However, due to the fact that it has a rich red color, this mineral can increase the negative qualities of the person born under this sign and make it more aggressive, quick-tempered, unnecessarily emotional. If the representative of Aries is not a phlegmatic, it is best to choose for her rubies are not red, but transparent or having a red-pink hue. We must also remember that the ruby does not tolerate the presence of other minerals next to it.

Garnets, which have different shades, are very suitable for the representatives of this sign. Particularly positive is the effect of transparent minerals, which give the owner harmony and self-confidence. However, it also happens that Aries wants to find a stone for himself that does not correspond to his sign, in this case it is not necessary to choose Libra stones, because this sign is the opposite for Aries.

Choosing the stones for Aries-women, it is best to listen to yourself. Do not rush when choosing a gem or a precious diamond, because minerals have a huge impact on who they belong to. You do not need to allow nature to take energy. It is necessary to find for yourself exactly the mineral that will bring harmony, love and a great mood.

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