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Idolatry is a religion based on worship of many gods. History of world religions

To say what idol worship is, is unequivocally very difficult, because even items, vehicles, boards, pillars, statues that a man magnifies, can already be considered idols of the material world. And what is the opinion of the different religions of the world about this topic? In general, Buddhism, Christianity, Islam, Judaism and various forms of paganism are similar in opinions. They do not particularly welcome this approach, and for them idolatry (a religion based on the worship of many gods) is unacceptable.

The Creator has neither form nor body, and therefore all his images are just an interpretation of the human mind. You can draw people, but do not give them an unnecessary mystical or cultic meaning. Any exaltation of objects eventually leads to ritual worship and, accordingly, violates the meaning and meaning of worship of the Almighty.

Idolatry in Buddhism and Islam: what are the differences?

Theme: "Man and religion" is relevant for people of all continents. For example, in India, where the prevailing majority of the inhabitants of the country profess Buddhism, this question is relevant for almost everyone. And despite the huge amount of their divine images and statues, they do not worship them, but the one to whom they are dedicated. For them, these objects are only intermediaries.

As for Islam, everything is much more complicated here. This creed does not accept any images of the Creator, his followers do not have idols. Of the material objects in this religion there is only one connecting thread with the Creator, and this is the stone that is in Mecca.

Idolatry is the cornerstone of Christianity

Christianity very subtly approaches a topic such as idolatry. Religion, based on the worship of many gods, has penetrated here neatly and veiled, at least as some opponents of the traditional church believe. They do not understand why she welcomes the veneration of paintings in the form of icons, statues, armchairs, bones and other attributes of the divine theme, for the exaltation of objects and images to the rank of sacred is strictly prohibited by Scripture. But ministers and parishioners do not see this as a dirty trick. And the whole point is that believers do not treat them as idols or gods.

In Greek, the word "icon" means "image". Therefore, considering them as gods or idols is unacceptable, it is only the image of God, angels, saints. Praying before a person close to the heart, a person turns not to a material object, expressed graphically and artistically through metal, wood, paint. His petition or inner confession is dedicated to him who is depicted on the icon. Everyone knows that it is easier to convey the idea to the Most High, when you see his cross or the Pure image. To use such a light "conductor" is much more pleasant than to be content with empty walls.

Protestants, pagans and idolatry

Considering idolatry in Christianity, Protestants noted that some of its directions have lost their original connection with the Creator. And all this happened because of their violation of their own scriptures, where it is clearly stated many times that one can not worship anything material, exalt the images, objects created by man. But Christians in their defense say otherwise, for example, icons are given to people so that they reverently resurrect the works of God in memory, as well as the exploits of the Saints. Sacred images are like books, only here are the lyrics as text content.

Pagan idolatry - a religion based on worshiping many gods - beats all records by the number of accusations in its address. Followers of this religion are most blamed for bowing before idols. And the truth is that, unfortunately, not all adherents of paganism can adequately distinguish and differentiate the appeal to the pillar from the tree from prayer to the Creator.

Here and now do not create yourself an idol

Frequent change of priorities in society has a very detrimental effect on a person as an individual. Today, for many idols and idols, money, power, popularity, everyday goods, position in society have become. Of course, this is the reason for the gradual degradation of the population of different countries. The role of faith in this case is very great, regardless of religion or confession. At present, the issue of increasing the importance and significance of cultural and spiritual values over material manifestations has reached the rubicon. This can also be attributed to the proper attitude to the institution of the family, the relationship of parents and children.

The substitution of spiritual values for the lowly, animal-instinctive instincts became the most noticeable with the appearance of such concepts as "sex symbol", "my idol" and the like. It was during this period that a simple worker began to ridicule, and priority veneration went, for example, to a singer, model, boxer or a fashionable football player. Such a super-reading of material values, a craving for glory, worship led to degeneration and humiliation of the moral and moral laws of being.

To come to an equilibrium and eliminate the distorted perception of the world, it is important for everyone to think whether he lives by the conscience or by the way. To the realized person it is more and more clear how the idolatry has transformed and evolved. Religion, based on the worship of many gods, dressed in new modern forms, which are important to see in the bud. In this case, a person already stands before a conscious choice, and does not wander like a blind man. He understands what is good for him, recognizes what is being imposed, and clearly sees what can be safely abandoned. Good luck!

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