Hotel Virginia 3 * (Rhodes, Greece): description and reviews

Travel to Greece always leaves the most positive memories. The European service, the hospitality of the local people, the fine cuisine, the amazing nature, the warm sea, the mass of historical and cultural attractions - this is not a complete list of what the country attracts foreign tourists. You will get even more pleasure from traveling to Greece if you visit its islands. In this article we will look at the Virginia 3 hotel (Rhodes). On the map of the island, it is located on the northeast of its tip. This is the district of Kallithea, between the city of Rhodes and the Koskinu resort. About more detailed location, we will describe below. In the meantime, we will inform you that the Virginia hotel is located on a conditionally second line from the sea. To get to the beach, you need to cross a small road and go down from the hill. The hotel has swimming pools, and most importantly, so fervently loved by Russian tourists, the all-inclusive food system.

How to get there

Only twenty kilometers separate the international airport of Diagoras Island from the hotel Virginia 3 (Rhodes). The address of this hotel is very simple: Koskinu, Kallithea. Those who arrive on the island by sea, from the port of Rhodes to the hotel need only drive eight kilometers. And to the main city and even less - five. The stop of intercity buses, which you can independently drive to the capital of the island and Lindos, is located about a hundred meters from the entrance to the hotel "Virginia". The Koskinu resort is famous for its beautiful sandy and pebbly beaches, crystal clear sea. The hotel is located on a hill, and the rooms offer panoramic views. A hundred and fifty meters away is the sandy beach of Columbia Beach. About the location of the hotel, tourists respond very positively, especially those who came to study the sights of Rhodes. The only drawback of beach recreation travelers call the need to go down to the sea and, accordingly, climb back. We must be ready for this or look for another hotel.

The territory and buildings of the Virginia

Under this name there is a whole hotel complex. It consists of two hotels. The first - four-star "Virginia", and the second - Virginia 3 * (Rhodes). Naturally, the guests of the budget hotel are in a favorable position, since they have the right to use the entire infrastructure of a more expensive hotel. The whole territory is very large - thirty-two thousand square meters - and well-equipped. The arid landscapes of north-eastern Rhodes remained outside the walls. The main building and ten detached villas are surrounded by a fabulous garden with lush greenery and unprecedented flowers. Among this splendor murmur pools. They are filled with fresh water. The large pool has the form of a cascade. The hotel complex was built in the eighty-eighth year of the last century. The last renovation was held at two thousand and four.

Where guests settle

The hotel Virginia 3 * (Rhodes, Greece) two hundred rooms. About fifty of them are in the main three-story building with reception, the rest - in the villas. The most popular category of rooms is the double standard. In the villas, guest rooms on the second floor have balconies, and those located in the basement, direct exits from the terrace to the pool. There are rooms of higher categories in the hotel. For those who do not want to pay "All inclusive", there are studios and apartments. They have a kitchenette or a full kitchen with a stove. For comfortable accommodation, the three-star Virginia hotel offers a category of suites and a maisonette. They have more amenities, the bathrooms have a hairdryer and hygienic supplies. In addition, these rooms are extremely well located.

Room facilities for guests at the Hotel Virginia 3 * (Rhodes)

In all rooms, even "standards", there is air conditioning, controlled by an individual remote control. True, the use of it is free only in the high season (July-August). Reviews provide an important detail. Transports that include air conditioning and open windows, will be disappointed, as the device under such circumstances will not work. Still in all rooms there are flat-screen TVs with cable TV, refrigerators. The bathrooms have shower cabins. The rooms are decorated very stylishly - in warm beige or soothingly bluish tones. Reviews speak of very comfortable beds and white linen, which was changed every five days. The studio and apartment guests were satisfied with the kitchen annex to the room. The suite consists of two rooms, and the maisonette is a separate house with all the amenities, as its name eloquently speaks.

How to feed lodgers

Hotel Virginia 3 * (Rhodes) does not constrain its guests in the choice of diet. Breakfasts are already included in the room price. All other meals, including service in bars - at the discretion of customers, as they say, optional. There is a possibility to pay half board or "all inclusive" remotely, when booking a room, and also on the spot. In accordance with the diet regime, the guest is given a colored bracelet. The guests of the apartments with kitchen claim that in the immediate vicinity of the hotel food stores are expensive. But on the road to the city of Rhodes there are two supermarkets, in which you can find everything you need. Breakfasts (and all other meals) are served in the hotel's main restaurant. It has an indoor hall, where guests can enjoy buffet meals, as well as a terrace in the fresh air. For those who have paid half board, drinks for lunch and dinner are paid. Owners of all-inclusive bracelets can be treated in bars. There are two of them in the hotel. One is located in the lobby, and the other is by the pool.

What tourists say about food in the hotel

Virginia Hotel 3 * takes groups, and that's it. When there is no influx of tourists (especially from the Russian Federation or China), then, according to tourists, the restaurant does not have queues, crush, panic, that someone will not get something, and bustling with food full of food trays. Always enough fruit. Breakfasts are always the same, but everyone will find something to their liking. There are sausages, flakes, and delicious pastries. The reviews mention that they are given very delicious coffee for breakfast, probably not soluble, but natural. At lunchtime a large refrigerator with ice cream is rolled out daily. Those who are "all-inclusive" brother, say that this system in Greece is somewhat different from the analogous one in Egypt. You can eat not around the clock, but by the hour. In fact, meals can be compared to a full board, plus free drinks at the bar. But the meal schedule is the most sparing. For example, you can have breakfast from seven to ten, have lunch from half-past one to two, and have supper-eighteen to nine at night. In general, tourists were satisfied with food. There is always a choice of meat, fish, vegetable dishes. But in bars alcohol is free, only if it is local, Greek-made.

Beach, swimming pools

If you look at the map, the distance to the sea will be only one hundred meters. However, in practice this is not so. It is necessary to cross the highway and go down along the road, along which cars also drive. True, the movement of vehicles on it is rare, and drivers behave carefully. But be prepared for the fact that every day, or even several times a day, you will have to travel four hundred meters down, and then - up. For young and healthy people, this is not a problem, but rather a hardening physical exercise. But elderly tourists and guests with young children very quickly changed their sea baths to swim in the pools. Beach reviews were described as well-maintained. There is a shower, a toilet, but sunbeds and umbrellas are paid, and at obviously inflated prices. So, tourists advise, take a mat or a karemata with you. At the hotel swimming pools umbrellas and sun loungers, of course, are free. Guests of Virginia 3 * (Rhodes) can enjoy the entire infrastructure of the Quartet, which is part of the hotel complex. The reviews are very praised by its spacious swimming pool. In a three-star hotel, this tank is smaller.

Conditions for children

Taking into account the road to the sea, it is not necessary to go with the kids here. Unless you do not often go out with them to the sea. But the beach is worth a visit. In its central part is a soft sand and the bottom is shallow. In summer and in the velvet season, storms pass around Rhodes side, and the sea warms up wonderfully. And in the hotel complex "Virginia" for the youngest guests is equipped with two children's pools - one in each hotel. Babies up to two years of "Virginia" (Rhodes) provides cots and arenas. The restaurant has high chairs for feeding kids. And for more adult children there are two equipped playgrounds in the fresh air with a grass cover. The hotel conducts a pricing policy designed to attract families. So, children under the age of twelve, provided they pay for food, can live in the hotel for nothing.


Virginia Hotel 3 * has its own conference room and parking. On the territory of the hotel there is a mini market and currency exchange. Tourists mention a very extensive list of paid services. First of all, it's access to the Internet. Two hours of "wi-fay" cost three euros, and use for a day - five. Also for a fee, you can play billiards, table tennis, and go in for water sports. On the territory there is an Internet cafe. There you can indulge in team games. The hotel laundry service offers its services (they are paid). But a rented car can be parked at the hotel absolutely freely (subject to availability). At late check-out, you can release the number and take the things to the storage room. This service is also free. But for using the safe at the reception desk will have to part with a certain amount. Air conditioning is available free of charge only from July to September. But at another time (for example, in no less hot June), for using it, you have to pay six euros a day.


Reviews are advised to actively explore the sights of the island of Rhodes (Greece). Virginia Hotel 3 * occupies a very advantageous position. Just a hundred meters away there is a bus stop, from which only six euros can be left to the center of the island's main city. Rhodes is divided into two parts. In the Old Town there are many architectural and historical sights. The new one is a beautiful promenade, shops. Tourists claim that the Virginia 3 * (Rhodes) hotel is located on the Mediterranean coast. But if you go to Prasoni, then you can swim immediately in two water areas. The city of Rhodes also stands on the Mediterranean and Aegean seas. The hotel guests can also make excursions to the medieval castle of Feraklos, in the city of Lindos. Be sure to visit the fortified palace of the Grand Masters of the militant monks of the Order of the Ioannites, which was built in the fourteenth century.

Hotel Virginia 3 *: reviews

Tourists in general were satisfied with their stay at this hotel. It is budget and fully complies with the European standards of a three-star hotel. Many liked the close neighborhood of the Quartet. Many tourists who have visited the hotel, said that they will come here again and will recommend the hotel "Virginia" (Rhodes) to their friends.

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