Eyelash eyelashes - care by all rules

Beautiful and thick eyelashes give the eyes of mystery, depth, make the look more languid and mysterious. Unfortunately, not all women by nature are endowed with beautiful natural eyelashes, and so in recent years, their increasing is becoming more popular. This procedure was very popular in Hollywood, and now it is available in our beauty salons. The advantage of the extended eyelashes is obvious - they do not need tinting and look great in any weather and time of day. Their owners can safely do without carcass, they do not need to twist. The only thing that can prevent you from making extensible eyelashes is care, which may not suit everyone.

There are the following contraindications for eyelash extension:

  • Allergy to the adhesive used in the build-up;
  • Own weak eyelashes - excessive weight artificial can only aggravate their condition and make brittle;
  • Conjunctivitis;
  • Too oily skin of the eyelids - this will lead to a rapid dissolution of the glue for the eyelashes ;
  • Care for the extended eyelashes is not suitable for those who wear contact lenses.

In fact, eyelash extensions are sticking artificial cilia to your own natural with the help of a special hypoallergenic glue without a smell (it can be black and colorless). Unlike unimodal one-off options, narratives do not stick to the example longer, besides they do not stick all at once, but in bundles or one at a time. Eyelashes that attach to natural, can be real or synthetic (to an unambiguous conclusion which of them is better, the experts have not yet arrived). Basically, if the client does not have allergies, masters often offer synthetic, more durable and safe ones.

The procedure for eyelash extensions is as follows:

  • Preliminary consultation and clarification of the specific client's features, modeling of the shape of the eyelashes;
  • Make-up removal;
  • Chemical curling of the eyelashes and shaping them;
  • Coloring and degreasing the base of each eyelash with a special solution;
  • Direct build-up (gluing)

Do not abuse and build up too long and lush eyelashes - sometimes just glue just a few small tufts at the corners of your eyes to create a dizzying volume and make the look more expressive. The duration of the entire procedure is 2-3 hours. Eyelashes are kept for about a month and practically do not interfere with normal life.

How to take care of extended eyelashes

Care for such beauty does not require much effort, it is only necessary to observe precautions. If you decide to make yourself an extended eyelash - taking care of them and observing certain rules should become a habit for you. Usually such artificial lashes spread easily and painlessly along with the main "relatives", this occurs every 15-25 days. If you plan to constantly walk with narushchennyh, it makes sense every 2 weeks to come to the master for correction, complementing the fallen areas. By the way, it will cost much less.

Eyelashes - care and precautions:

  • Do not use mildew, especially water resistant - during removal of its residues, it is very easy to damage such fine work.
  • It is advisable to visit the sauna less, because the temperature drops and wet steam do not contribute to the preservation of the extended eyelashes.
  • Do not rub your eyes, and wash very carefully, so as not to hurt your eyelashes. Make-up needs to be removed only with special lightweight products without fat, so as not to damage the thin layer of glue. During the removal of make-up, you only need to lightly blot the eyelids with a tampon soaked in a flushing liquid.
  • Before removing artificial cilia or bundles, it is necessary to apply a thin layer of vegetable oil to the sticking line for 12 hours.

As you can see, if you have extensible eyelashes - caring for them does not require anything supernatural.

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