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Is it true that cynicism is the desecration of human values?

Why are modern people so inadequately treated by cynics? They are despised, one can even read such an interpretation: cynicism is the quality of a person who desecrates human values with his scornful and frank attitude to reality. Does a man profane morality by expressing his own opinion?

A cynic or a realist?

The meaning of the word cynicism, as for me, is interpreted incorrectly in the modern world. Any embittered person immediately falls under this definition. And, maybe, the cynic is actually a realist? He says what many people think about, but do not say, because it's not accepted. I think that a cynic can be called a brave person: not everyone can stand out from the generally accepted moral standards. His opinion, he not only expresses, but also defends. They say it's easier to live without truth, but cynicism refutes this. Why put on a mask and play a stupid role before someone? If you do this for the sake of achieving a certain goal - then everything is understandable. But if you do this in order to please everyone - this is a rare nonsense. It's impossible to love everyone! But to lose loved ones and those who love you, in pursuit of all - it is quite possible. Cynics do not try to please someone with the help of those qualities that are not inherent in them. They appear before the society as they are, and as if they say "love me like this, real." Cynicism is the ability to make people afraid of you. More precisely, not you, but your speeches. To the pluses of this person can be attributed, in particular, the rejection of "pink glasses". Believe, on the head of this truth-seeker they can not resist. My opinion is this: cynicism is a realistic view of life. Although cynics often hear from others that their truth is not always appropriate and that someone needs.

To this people of this kind of warehouse answer that they really need it. Truth always needs to be said! No matter what: bad or good. Who knows what your meeting will be the last? And in time without telling the person about your feelings, you will then torment yourself. And the cynic just enough courage to tell the truth directly in the eye or express your realistic opinion about the problem. A cynic is the person you need when making a difficult choice. No, he will not give advice, but your situation will be so realistic that you will immediately understand what to do next.

Cynic Disadvantages

Yes, this realist has enough cons. Firstly, he is not always a desirable guest at parties and other events. Imagine the situation: your friend is going on a date, but the companion says that she will come with a friend. That is, the guy should bring a couple for a friend. Whom will he take? Of course, a comrade who does not overtake the fear of the girl. The cynic remains "in flight". Always like this. And in general, these people find it difficult to find close people with whom you can make friends. At the first meeting they see in a person all the bad sides. And do not hesitate to ridicule them, also, however, as their shortcomings. Even if feelings are inflamed between people, they will have to be rather difficult: he sees in her shortcomings, and she takes offense at his truth, which causes frequent quarrels.

The meaning of the word cynic is not entirely correct in modern society. This individual is capable of pity, compassion and mercy. It just does not always apply these qualities. But only in the case when really it is necessary, but not because I want to show myself kind and please society.

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