Why do eyes blush? Main reasons

Red vessels on the sclera of the eyes do not add to the person's attractiveness. In addition, redness can indicate a number of diseases that require professional treatment. Why do eyes blush? How to fix this problem? What preventive measures should be followed? All this information will be useful.

Why do eyes blush? Allergy and ways of its treatment

In fact, it is often the allergies that cause the redness of the eyes. Such effects are caused by so-called seasonal allergic reactions, for example, down, pollen of plants, etc. In addition, the mucous membrane of the eye can react to dust, tissues, animal hair. My eyes also turn red from poor-quality make-up.

As a rule, allergic reaction is accompanied by other symptoms. It can be a runny nose, burning and itching in the eyes, increased lachrymation. In such cases it is better to immediately consult an allergist. It is very important to determine the allergen and to remove contacts with potentially dangerous substances. In addition, the reception of antihistamines is indicated.

Why do eyes blush? Conjunctivitis and their causes

Certainly, inflammation of the mucous membrane can cause redness of the eyes. In most cases, conjunctivitis is an infectious disease caused by pathogenic bacteria, less often by viruses. By the way, there is also an allergic conjunctivitis, the reasons of which have been described above.

Infectious diseases are accompanied not only by the reddening of the eyes. Patients also complain of burning, dryness and itching. In addition, there is a constant release of mucus and pus. For example, quite often in the morning the patient can not open his eyes because of the abundant discharge of purulent masses.

With a similar problem, you need to immediately contact an ophthalmologist. The doctor will prescribe suitable drops for the eyes, which will quickly eliminate all the symptoms. In addition, it is recommended to wipe the eyes with a decoction of chamomile or strong black tea. Be careful, because the infection quickly "jumps" from the patient's eyes to a healthy one.

Why do eyes blush? Overwork

Of course, red eyes in some cases are the result of overwork. For example, among the modern population, the reason is a long hours of constant work, which, in one way or another, exerts a strain on the eyes. The reason for this can be viewing different documents, as well as studying information from a computer monitor. As a result of constant tension, the smallest vessels of the sclera of the eyes begin to burst and, as a result, the eyes appear red.

To the same result results in long viewing of films, reading of books in bad light, especially if a computer monitor is used for this. To overexertion can lead, for example, reading while riding a bus.

Still from what eyes blush? From dryness in the room. This phenomenon is common among office employees, who are forced to spend the whole working day in a room with air conditioners or heaters that drastically dry the air. As a rule, dry mucous membrane causes burning and pain in the eyes.

This is not all the answers to the question: "Why do eyes blush?" It is worth recalling the importance of rest, sleep and a healthy lifestyle. Constant lack of sleep, alcohol abuse, taking drugs, beriberi, wearing unsuitable glasses and contact lenses - all this can affect the condition of the eyes.

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